Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Put the thanks back in Thanksgiving!

So for the past few years we have heard “Put the Christ back in Christmas!” Well I want to start a campaign to ‘Put the Thanks Back in Thanksgiving.” I love this holiday. I love the food. I love that it is a day off with the parades and football on television and the smells of pumpkin pie and turkey in the kitchen. Family and friends gather to eat and share the harvest just like Plymouth back almost 400 years ago. This year however, there is a big debate about more stores staying open on Thanksgiving. It was bad enough that many stores decided to open earlier for Black Friday Shoppers. It used to be 5am Friday morning for the insane sale seekers but now it has been rolled back to 5pm on Thanksgiving. So forget about enjoying a nap after eating your turkey when the tryptophan sets in. But now the stores want to be open all day. ALL DAY! I do not understand why anyone has to shop on Thanksgiving. In fact I would love to bring back the Blue laws which restrict certain activities on Sunday. Yes, stay home! Bond with your family. Enjoy a meal. And for GOD’s sake try to remember what is important in life! I am sure the retailers want to make more money. But the sales they offer on Thanksgiving and Black Friday are not their best deals. It is such a scam. And if you do any research about it you will see. They throw out a couple of sale items to drag people in. There are already women on line now waiting for Black Friday doors to open. How stupid. How shallow! I would rather have a great meal and stay home all day with my family than get a new television to begin with. And I would rather pay a bit more and allow my family as well as other families to be home on Thanksgiving to enjoy their day. We are losing our family structure. We are losing our morals. The almighty dollar is running everything in America and it is a total shame. The housewives of America hold all of the power. We buy all of the food, household items, and we have the power to stop any purchase from our household budget. The retailers know this. We need to save Thanksgiving. We need to let the retailers know that we want to save our day with our families. Thanksgiving is more than turkey, it is a day to be thankful for our country and give a day of gratitude for all that we have. So help me, please pass on this sentiment, Put The Thanks Back in Thanksgiving.

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