Thursday, May 24, 2018

Mother, the ultimate career

So when you are on your death bed who most likely will be there for you, your children or your boss? I wonder how it ever became more prestigious to give your time and energy to a boss, a company, rather than your own family and your home. There is nothing more important than raising good people. It is nearly impossible to have a happy and successful home with two parents working. But what is a successful household? And what does it take to keep it all together? And what are your priorities? My priorities are my kids, my husband, my home, and I am proud to say I am doing my job excellently. It is funny how women in business can brag about their accomplishments. When I was working in television I would be proud to share my promotions, bonuses, awards, but when we are home, are we allowed to gloat? I am married 20+ years, First wife on the job, my son has graduated high school with Honor’s and is now attending  Boston College, we got through high school with no drugs, no drunkin nights, and no drama. My daughter is a making great grades, and again, no drama. I am a lucky chick for sure. And on this Mother’s Day I am feeling proud of my choice to stay home full time and take care of my family. It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it. Is it going to be the mother or the day care center or a nanny? I choose the actual mother to take care of her own kids. I cannot imagine having to drop off a little infant to a stranger. This must be heart wrenching for every woman. It kills me that some women who could afford to be home, choose to let someone else care for their baby. You are not too good to take care of your own child. You are not too good to clean your own home. It is not too old fashioned to be a homemaker. Just look at America over the past 30 years. It has all gone to shit. And what has happened over the past few decades? The family has broken down. It is not antiquated to want to support family values. Strong families make good people. It is not better to be working. In fact just as much as career women may look at me and wonder why I am home, I wonder why they would want to work every day when they could be home? As a nation we should be focusing on helping women be home with their newborns for a longer period of time. We should be doing more to support longer maternity leave. The Feminists don’t care about any woman but the career woman. I blame them for the breakdown of the family. They have convinced women that they are worthless without a career outside the home. So on this Mother’s Day I want to applaud all the mommies. To the moms struggling to hold it all together while working outside the home, you don’t have to try to do it all, no on can, and something will suffer. Give yourself a break. To all the moms who struggle with the idea that you are ‘just home’ and feel like you are not contributing to society’s greater good, there is no job more important than yours. And for all of us women, think down the road, and again, who is going to be with you when you are on your deathbed, it won’t be your boss.

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