Tuesday, March 20, 2018

My plant based food diet

Spring is here and it is time to kick it up and lose a few pounds. This is easy to do if you don’t diet, but instead, just eat differently. Think about the types of foods you eat. What are they made of? Let’s take everything in a box and toss it. Either donate it to the church, or put it the back of the closet. For the next three weeks I want you to think about real food, not man made food. We are going to eat a plant based diet. Now, back in 2006 when my book came out I wrote about eating real food. Think about people 100 years ago. If they couldn’t eat it, we aren’t going to eat it. But, I am including meat. So, think salads, fruits, and vegetables. And you don’t have to be disgusted over this. It isn’t the rest of your life. You are going to cleanse your body, your skin is going to look great, and I promise you will feel like a million bucks. A banana for breakfast, a roasted sweet potato for lunch, and a huge salad for dinner. My salads are so gorgeous and I am so full after I eat it that I am very happy. I do not feel deprived. I have dinner on the table every day at 5pm. We eat early. I cannot sleep well if I eat after 7pm. And I do not snack. My salads are full of chopped broccoli, red peppers, string beans, avocado, tomato and sliced almonds. Not only am I trying to get in shape, I am trying to be cancer free. All of the raw, fresh, veggies and fruits are full of antioxidants. I want my children to have these important nutrients every day. During the day I also eat every two hours. I eat a handful of almonds, celery, and carrots between meals. One juice I make is apple, ginger, and beet juice. I drink this almost every day. And I feel great. So join me. And when summer is here we can all enjoy a burger and margarita by the pool, but we will go turkey instead of beef. But we’ll talk about that next month. For now, let’s get to the store, and load up on fresh, colorful, foods that will get our bodies to maximum health and shape.

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Recipes & Tips

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From readers

I just joined ur email list and I admire u for this last email. Please keep them coming makes us feel normal. We don’t need advice its a since of reality check for us. Work on u and ur husband and forget about the teens. They will come back around in their later years trust me! God bless u and ur family!  Read More →

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Cleaning & Organization

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