Sunday, March 26, 2017

The family that plays together, stays together

It is so important to spend time together as a family. Any activity where you all spend time together is wonderful. I always planned our weeks with craft time, game night, family movie night, big dinner Sundays, and every season I planned something big to look forward to. The holidays, vacations, celebrations, are all events you can plan and enjoy together. I believe the family that plays together stays together. Studies prove children who eat dinner with their family and vacation with their family are happier children who do better in school.
Why? Because they feel loved and secure. It is so important for your children to know you are their parent but a person too. Let them see your silly side. Let them see you laugh. Have fun together. We ski. And I tell everyone, it’s a sport we can do together. We play tennis. Anotther sport we can do together. We just got back from mini golf. I hate mini golf. But I forced myself through. I want to be the fun mom. I hope my children enjoy being with me. I want them to want to come home when they are adults. And I want them to like me as a person and not just love me because I am their mother.

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Recipes & Tips

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Marriage & Parenting

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From readers

I just joined ur email list and I admire u for this last email. Please keep them coming makes us feel normal. We don’t need advice its a since of reality check for us. Work on u and ur husband and forget about the teens. They will come back around in their later years trust me! God bless u and ur family!  Read More →

That just broke my heart. I realize that this doesn’t offer total peace for you at the moment BUT …..what are WE doing wrong. Remember, it takes a village to raise a child just too bad the village does not accept that role anymore. They are suffering in silence like you. Because we no longer have that “universal front” in either... [Read more >>]

Darla, I just read your article about bullying and while I agree on most points, I have to disagree with you about some others. I didn't see the news story you saw,but I can tell you that it isn't always possible to move a child to another school. Our daughter was harassed in one school she went to for being gay. We were living in a small town on the... [Read more >>]

Cleaning & Organization

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Budgeting & Work at Home

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Beauty & Fashion

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