Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Survival Mode Kit

Checklist for stocking up.

Important documents and cash in a fireproof box.
Birth certificates, medical papers, social security cards, a copy of every credit card, front and back, any bonds, stocks, banking numbers and any active prescriptions plus a two month supply of your needed medicine.

Keep your gas tank full.

Toilet paper, plastic bags, paper towels, tissues, buy in bulk and stock up.

Bottled water. I only buy glass bottled water or clear plastic bottled water. And there is an expiration date. So you will need to use and replenish your supply now and then. I think one gallon per person per day is sufficiet. Also stock bottles of juice and boxed milk like Parliment.

Food. Of course canned and jarred goods last the longest. Make sure you include jarred fruits and vegitables. Don’t forget about pet food.

I read recently if there was a nuclear attack on America, the safest place to go is to stay inside your air tight home, preferably your basement. This article stated that the government should actually prepare us all for this but they are afraid to panic the people. If you had to stay inside for two months, because of a nuclear bomb, what would you need. The experts stated if it happened 60 miles away for example, you would not die if you stayed inside for a month. Now that is promising news.

But what if we are victims of a financial disaster? The banks collapse. You can’t even get to your money. You can’t leave your house because there is rioting in the streets.
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I just joined ur email list and I admire u for this last email. Please keep them coming makes us feel normal. We don’t need advice its a since of reality check for us. Work on u and ur husband and forget about the teens. They will come back around in their later years trust me! God bless u and ur family!  Read More →

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