Friday, January 18, 2019

Reinventing Yourself

As housewives we have left our careers behind to raise our family. And that is the most important job we could ever have. But what happens when the children leave the nest? I am at the age when I have a lot of my girlfriends who have older children going off to college. What happens to mommy? A lot of women are worried they can’t make it in the work world because they have been home taking care of kids for 20 years. But really, what better experience could you have? And you need to be proud of that. You handled the family budget. You raised smart, healthy people. And there is a lot you can offer the world. What is it that you always wanted to do? Do you bake? Are you an artist? Do you play piano? Do you sing? Do you write? Are you interested in photography? Your hobbies could earn you big money. What about starting a faux finishing business? I just paid a woman $800 to paint a rooster on my kitchen door. And last week I picked up homemade granola at my grocery store that was made by two local moms. And one mom I know started handing out cards that she will come to your house and take your baby’s picture. Her phone hasn’t stopped ringing. The economy is in a rut. Getting back in the conventional work world may be tough, but we moms are savvy enough to reinvent ourselves and do something even more interesting. And it doesn’t stop with working. What about reinventing our mind, body, spirit, and marriage. You have time to jog, go to yoga, and what better time to reignite the flame than when the kiddies are off to college. Finally, you can make some noise. So don’t be sad. Enjoy this new time in your life and make the most of the new you, new marriage, and new quieter house.

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Recipes & Tips

Cooking Tips Cooking Tips

* Never cook on High! And then you won’t burn everything * Don’t use Teflon pans, they can cause cancer * Always grease the bottom of your pan with oil or butter * Yes, you do need to preheat the oven * You do need to wait for the water to boil * Use your common sense, if a recipe calls for a cup of salt???? * Taste while you cook * Who cares what... [Read more >>]

Everyday Tips Everyday Tips

One of the best tips I can offer is to buy yourself a Crock Pot.Get one that has both High and Low settings & a removable, dishwasher safe crock, You will wonder how you’ve ever lived without one. It is great for popping a meal in and returning to your home filled with the aroma of dinner waiting and ready for you. Some even have a setting or... [Read more >>]

Pantry Basics Pantry Basics

* Flour * Sugar * Brown sugar * Baking powder * Baking soda * Yeast * Spices (in powder form, cinnamon, ginger, garlic, onion, paprika) * Vanilla * Kosher salt * Fresh pepper * Canned crushed tomatoes * Jar of olive oil * Jar of canola oil * Cans of (red kidney beans, garbanzo beans, white kidney beans, yellow corn kernels, baked beans, artichoke hearts,... [Read more >>]

Marriage & Parenting

How to get your husbands to help around the house How to get your husbands to help around the house

Besides doing everything that is listed in the article 10 ways to make your husband king of his castle, I have one more very big tip that most women do not know about. But I will share with you as long as you are prepared to be surprised. Your husband will start doing what you ask and not letting it go in one ear and out the other. Stuff will actually... [Read more >>]

From readers

Thank you for everything you do. I’ve been a married housewife for nine years. I worked part time when I was single plus a little bit when hubby was unemployed, but I am happy to be back home. I get insulted all the time by everyone I know and strangers! Even my doctors disagree about my choice.  Read More →

I love your confidence! My husband receives bonuses and gifts of appreciation occasionally for a job well done at his place of employment and I deserve a little shout out as well from time to time. I feel awful when I admit that I’m proud of my accomplishments!  Read More →

Cleaning & Organization

Darla’s Schedule Darla’s Schedule

Every Day Make the bed as soon as you wake up. Wash up—do your make-up, throw on some jeans and a tee. Wipe down the bathroom counter when you leave the bathroom in the morning. Wipe mirrors, my kids always spit toothpaste onto them, I keep Windex wipes under the sink. Do a load of laundry, every morning, fold it, and put it away as soon as it’s... [Read more >>]

Health & Nutrition

Time for shaping up! Time for shaping up!

Okay girls no more excuses. Get off your ass! Spring will be here before you know it, and what better Resolution? We are all going to become healthier, leaner, stronger, and smarter! If you can lose that extra weight you are going to feel great Let’s do it together You will feel less stressed You will look great You will be stronger physically Take... [Read more >>]

Budgeting & Work at Home

Budget 101:  Where to begin Budget 101: Where to begin

Change always is difficult. You may have been saying to yourself “I’m not good with money” or “I don’t know what I’m doing”. Well, you’re wrong on both counts. Did you know that becoming financially savvy isn’t about the book knowledge so much as it is about your nature? Most of us have the basics down – spend vs. save, income vs.... [Read more >>]

Beauty & Fashion

Give up shopping Give up shopping

What do you think? Can you give up shopping for a year? No? Me either. How about 6 months or even one month? To me it seems impossible. Sad, I know, but there is something about the thrill of finding a new top that is flattering and fun that just keeps me hunting down the latest and greatest. Honestly, I tire quickly of my wardrobe and adding a new... [Read more >>]