Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Feminists or Femi-nuts?

I started this website Happy Housewives Club in 2005 when my book came out. I had left my career as a television producer (never at Fox by the way) to stay home with my son. I had no intention on being a stay at home mom. I had just signed a new contract in New York City for a start-up morning show and I had a gorgeous office in the World Trade Center. But, I had a horrible birth and it was six months of agony recovering. During that time I held my son every minute. He pulled me through and there was no way I was going to leave him with a nanny to go back to the work ten hours a day. From my experiences at home I wrote what was a fun, kitschy book to help other stay at home moms get through it, as I found it to be harder than any job I had ever had. Along the way I discovered the joy and pride in my new role as homemaker. When my book came out, that very night, I received thousands of emails from women. I have them all saved. Within days I received 20 thousand emails from women thanking me for writing Happy Housewives. Women were grateful to hear a college educated career woman proclaim it is okay to trade in your briefcase for a diaper bag. There was no guilt involved.


Fast forward to today. Forget about all the bullshit lies the left wing lunatic media put out about me in July when my husband went to work for our President Donald Trump. You all know its not true.


I want to talk about what I read from women on the internet who actually trashed me for saying I was proud to be a homemaker-housewife.


The very same women who claim to be liberal feminists have written that they can’t believe my book, or website, or the fact that I am “just a housewife.”


What does that even mean? These liberal women, these Democrats, do they believe that going to work 12 hours a day and giving their devotion, time, and energy to their boss and his/her cause is more important than giving all of that to their children/husband/home? I feel sorry for these feminists. They are not only missing out on what is the best years of their life, but they are so hostile, so envious, so brainwashed, that they feel like they need to impose their beliefs or agenda on all women. I don’t care if you go to work all day and leave your babies in day care so why do you care if I stay home and take care of my own children?


Look at Democrat Krysten Sinema who is running for office in Arizona who said “Housewives are Bullshit.”


Kyrsten Sinema Reminds Us That Democrats Hate Housewives

How sad and pathetic is this. Who does Kristen Sinema think she is? Why does she have the right to say this?


Why does any woman out there think she has the right to make fun of my lifestyle. Can I make fun of hers?


Why is there a constant attack on women who are home? Being a mom is the most important job there is. And I hate to tell you Feminists but guess what?


Millennial Women are deciding they want to be Stay At Home Moms!

More Millennial Women are Becoming Stay at Home Moms… Here’s Why

See. The Feminists have forced women out the door. The family has suffered. Everyone can see that. And now the younger, educated women realize breaking the glass ceiling isn’t as exciting as you all made it out to be and they are also deciding to trade in their briefcase for a diaper bag.


And let them enjoy it. Shut up already! Back off!

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