Friday, April 18, 2014

Women going back home

So a new study is out showing that women are starting to leave the workforce and go back home. I am thrilled to hear this. The role of mother has been devalued in our society. I don’t understand how it every became more prestigious to drop your children in the care of complete strangers all day just so you can have a hot shot career. I have said over and over again, of course my heart breaks for any mom who is financially struggling and with no other choice, must resort to childcare. I don’t have a problem with those mothers. I have a problem with the women who are putting their career ambitions over their children’s needs. I have a problem with women working for the Mercedes, bigger house, and nicer things in life. All that can come, when your kids go to school. Why don’t you think you need to stay home while your children are young? Why can’t you just work part time? How is seeing your child for an hour a day acceptable? I am concerned that the feminist movement has put out this message to our young girls to be greedy, materialistic, and promiscuous. Looking at the young women of today such as Beyoncé, and Kim Kardashian, I am more than disgusted by their actions. If this is the example of success I say it is shameful. Where is the class? Where is the decorum? I would argue that with the feminist freedoms women have become too sexually free and are now in the same low level category as men. Don’t we want to be ladies? Is that outdated? I think not. I am raising my daughter to be a lady. I am raising my daughter to get an education, work for a while, then go home and have her babies. I am raising her to believe in the traditional roles that I was raised with. I am married 20 years. I left my career to be home. I am proud and I am happy. I cannot imagine how my life would be better if I was at the office 10 hours a day all these years missing out my children’s lives. But I am lucky to have a husband who can support me. If you have a man who can support you it is a blessing.

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Recipes & Tips

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Marriage & Parenting

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From readers

I just joined ur email list and I admire u for this last email. Please keep them coming makes us feel normal. We don’t need advice its a since of reality check for us. Work on u and ur husband and forget about the teens. They will come back around in their later years trust me! God bless u and ur family!  Read More →

That just broke my heart. I realize that this doesn’t offer total peace for you at the moment BUT …..what are WE doing wrong. Remember, it takes a village to raise a child just too bad the village does not accept that role anymore. They are suffering in silence like you. Because we no longer have that “universal front” in either... [Read more >>]

Darla, I just read your article about bullying and while I agree on most points, I have to disagree with you about some others. I didn't see the news story you saw,but I can tell you that it isn't always possible to move a child to another school. Our daughter was harassed in one school she went to for being gay. We were living in a small town on the... [Read more >>]

Cleaning & Organization

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Health & Nutrition

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Budgeting & Work at Home

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