Saturday, January 21, 2017

Reinventing Yourself

As housewives we have left our careers behind to raise our family. And that is the most important job we could ever have. But what happens when the children leave the nest? I am at the age when I have a lot of my girlfriends who have older children going off to college. What happens to mommy? A lot of women are worried they can’t make it in the work world because they have been home taking care of kids for 20 years. But really, what better experience could you have? And you need to be proud of that. You handled the family budget. You raised smart, healthy people. And there is a lot you can offer the world. What is it that you always wanted to do? Do you bake? Are you an artist? Do you play piano? Do you sing? Do you write? Are you interested in photography? Your hobbies could earn you big money. What about starting a faux finishing business? I just paid a woman $800 to paint a rooster on my kitchen door. And last week I picked up homemade granola at my grocery store that was made by two local moms. And one mom I know started handing out cards that she will come to your house and take your baby’s picture. Her phone hasn’t stopped ringing. The economy is in a rut. Getting back in the conventional work world may be tough, but we moms are savvy enough to reinvent ourselves and do something even more interesting. And it doesn’t stop with working. What about reinventing our mind, body, spirit, and marriage. You have time to jog, go to yoga, and what better time to reignite the flame than when the kiddies are off to college. Finally, you can make some noise. So don’t be sad. Enjoy this new time in your life and make the most of the new you, new marriage, and new quieter house.

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Recipes & Tips

Rotisserie chicken to the rescue! Rotisserie chicken to the rescue!

When a recipe calls for a whole chicken shredded into bite-sized pieces, too many cooks turn the page and look for a quicker recipe. After all, who wants to deal with making a whole chicken, before you even start the main recipe? Furthermore, who has the time to do that on a weeknight? Fortunately, rotisserie chickens are a simple, readily available... [Read more >>]

Do you have the staples? Do you have the staples?

Pantry Staples • Baking powder • Baking soda • Beans, canned: black beans, red kidney, white • Beans, dried: red kidney, great northern, lima, lentils, split pea, black, pinto • Bread crumbs • Broth, dried and canned: beef, vegetable, chicken • Cereal • Chocolate: unsweetened squares, semisweet chips, cocoa powder • Coffee: beans,... [Read more >>]

Cooking Tips Cooking Tips

* Never cook on High! And then you won’t burn everything * Don’t use Teflon pans, they can cause cancer * Always grease the bottom of your pan with oil or butter * Yes, you do need to preheat the oven * You do need to wait for the water to boil * Use your common sense, if a recipe calls for a cup of salt???? * Taste while... [Read more >>]

Marriage & Parenting

How to get your husbands to help around the house How to get your husbands to help around the house

Besides doing everything that is listed in the article 10 ways to make your husband king of his castle, I have one more very big tip that most women do not know about. But I will share with you as long as you are prepared to be surprised. Your husband will start doing what you ask and not letting it go in one ear and out the other. Stuff will actually... [Read more >>]

From readers

I just joined ur email list and I admire u for this last email. Please keep them coming makes us feel normal. We don’t need advice its a since of reality check for us. Work on u and ur husband and forget about the teens. They will come back around in their later years trust me! God bless u and ur family!  Read More →

That just broke my heart. I realize that this doesn’t offer total peace for you at the moment BUT …..what are WE doing wrong. Remember, it takes a village to raise a child just too bad the village does not accept that role anymore. They are suffering in silence like you. Because we no longer have that “universal front” in either... [Read more >>]

Darla, I just read your article about bullying and while I agree on most points, I have to disagree with you about some others. I didn't see the news story you saw,but I can tell you that it isn't always possible to move a child to another school. Our daughter was harassed in one school she went to for being gay. We were living in a small town on the... [Read more >>]

Cleaning & Organization

If your house is a mess, so is your life If your house is a mess, so is your life

You need to be on a schedule and to get organized if you want your life to get easier. If you are constantly playing ‘catch-up’ in your home you will feel overwhelmed. It is easy to get yourself together. No matter how far you have let it go, you can start now and yes, the counter is under there somewhere. Pick a room today and begin getting your... [Read more >>]

Health & Nutrition

Teach Your Children to Wash Their Hands Teach Your Children to Wash Their Hands

Sure the media and even our own doctors will tell us we NEED the vaccines that they recommend to avoid catching the super bug, a virus, the flu or even the common cold, but there’s something so simple that you can do to avoid the flu without getting the vaccination! We all know we should wash our hands. But do we really know how? Get your hands wet... [Read more >>]

Budgeting & Work at Home

Take control of your finances Take control of your finances

Ladies, it’s time for us to step up to the plate and gain control of our finances! We are smart, savvy women. So why is it so hard to get control of our money? Well, it’s easy. We don’t really want to, or we feel so completely overwhelmed by the monster pile of growing bills, we just decide not to care so much. Well, I’m tired of not caring,... [Read more >>]

Beauty & Fashion

New Year Fashion and Beauty Goals New Year Fashion and Beauty Goals

By Tammy from A Mom in Red High Heels 10 beauty and fashion goals you should think about achieving: 1. Apply lip gloss instead of chapstick. You’ll add shimmer and shine to your smile! 2. Wear dangling earrings to draw attention to your face. 3. Wear cute flats instead of your tennis shoes. 4. Take 10 minutes to treat yourself to a facial.... [Read more >>]