Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Don’t Waste 2018

I have been in a bit of a sad state watching 2017 slip away from me. What did I accomplish this year? Did I do everything I planned? Was I the best person I could be? One thing is for sure, my children are a year older and their personalities are setting in strong and soon they will be thinking for themselves so 2017 is a crucial year for me as a parent to influence who they are. I need to make them smart, strong, and healthy. But I also need to make them compassionate, kind, and savvy. I think I am doing a good job but I can do better with them, with me, and with my husband.

Deciding to change is easy but actually going the distance is the hard part. Instead of making a new year resolution I am going to challenge myself this year to make some changes. I want to be a more patient parent. I want to make my household more fun. I want to have more romance with my husband. I want to be a better daughter, friend, and citizen. I am up for the challenge.

I will listen more. I will laugh more. I need to be more organized with paperwork, photos, addresses, and bills. I am going to cancel all credit cards. I am going to buy only on sale and use coupons. I am going to cook more from scratch. I will grow a bigger garden. I am going to start reading the Bible. I will thank GOD every day that I am alive. I am going to tell my children every day how special they are. I am going to make sure I spend one on one time with them every day. I am going to make sure I compliment my husband and tell him how much I appreciate him. I am going to check on my parents more. I am going to make sure I send birthday cards to family and friends. I am going to write letters to people I have lost touch with. I am going to volunteer at the food pantry and church and try to help everyone I can. I am going to get more involved in helping the military wives. I am going to eat healthier, exercise more, and stay in my favorite Lucky Brand jeans size 27 for another year.

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From readers

I just joined ur email list and I admire u for this last email. Please keep them coming makes us feel normal. We don’t need advice its a since of reality check for us. Work on u and ur husband and forget about the teens. They will come back around in their later years trust me! God bless u and ur family!  Read More →

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