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You are so spot on!

May 9, 2011

Hey Darla,

I just finished listening to one of your podcasts that I found on iTunes! It was the episode about the seminary that was offers a degree in Homemaking! You views were so spot on! Why is it so stinking shocking when a woman wants to stay home and take care of her family!?I for one would love to study homemaking to get better at it!

Growing up I had a SAHM who ran a very successful sewing business out of our home! She was home when I got home from school. She was involved and knew what was going on in the lives of her children.

I went to a pretty liberal high school and university. I was told I could be anything I wanted to be.Deep down I wanted to be a homemaker!
Yet, I felt that I needed to pursue a career to be taken seriously. So I decided to get a degree in hospitality management. I loved offering hospitality to my friends and family! So this seemed like a good major.It was not! It was basically just a business degree. Uggg..not my hearts’ real desire!

Now I am a 31 year old wife and a wanna-be Mommy! I work part time for a child care company. I see so many mothers who cry when they drop their children off! I want to tell them that it is Ok to want to stay at home with them! It really is the best option!

This past weekend my husband looked at our budget and said that it is almost cheaper for me to stay at home than it is to work! If you add up the gas,maintenance on the car, work clothes,eating out,and buying supplies I am only actually earning $.75 an hour! That is crazy! I can make that up making some frugal choices and by selling my photography and craft!

This summer I will begin staying home to take care of my family and home full time. I will be able to be more involved in my community and make a difference in the world.

Thank you so much for shouting out for homemakers! Thank you for pioneering the crusade to abolish the stigma attached to being a homemaker! You go girl!

Emily R.


2 Responses to “You are so spot on!”
  1. Brandi W. says:

    I love being a SAHW/M. There is nothing I love more than when my husband comes home from working a 12 hour shift (he works as a corrections officer at a high max prison) and I have dinner on the table, the house is clean, his uniforms are pressed and I know I ‘worked’ all day, too! My kids are happy knowing that mommy is home, too.

    Unfortunately, I won’t get to do this much longer. I’m finishing my nursing degree and will start next year working 12 hour shifts, too. BUT… I know that ultimately, my FAMILY (kids and wonderful husband) come first in my life. As such, I plan on working until we can be comfortable with me being part time.

    Women worked hard for the RIGHT to work only to have it tossed back at them and now staying at home is seen as being lazy and worthless. I grew up thinking I wanted to be a ‘career’ woman only to find that I was happiest at home, doing for myself and my family. I hate the attitude this country has towards women who decide to stay home – there is nothing more important than our families!!!!!

  2. Darla Shine says:

    Good for you both. You are doing what you want and what makes your family happy.

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