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Secrets girls keep

August 19, 2012

Do You Know Someone with a Secret?

This book is for every girl with a secret, which pretty much means every one. Our secrets help us, hurt us, and sometimes even haunt us beyond high school. Secrets like:

I hate the way I look.
My boyfriend yells at me.
I’m cheating my way through chemistry.
I lost my virginity and regret it.
I sent a text message about my friend that wasn’t true.
I went to a party and didn’t tell my parents.
My mom drinks too much.

By revealing the personal stories, struggles, and secrets of other teen girls, Carrie Silver-Stock shows how to deal with everyday stresses by being self-reliant, not silent, and how to get real about what matters. With tips and advice for teens and by teens, you’ll learn how to:

• Navigate the ups and downs of dating • Make and keep good friends • Deal with school (the social scene and grades) • Handle family drama • Survive the cyber scene • And more . . .

Carrie Silver-Stock, M.S.W., L.C.S.W., received her masters in social work from Washington University in 1999, and a BA in sociology and World Perspectives from Principia College.

Silver-Stock founded Girls With Dreams to create a global movement where girls discover their power, passion and dreams. The mission is simple: girls will empower each other to build their best lives while learning how to take action and make a positive impact. Silver-Stock is passionate about inspiring teen girls to help them find their own way. As a former radio talk show host, speaker, social worker and life coach, she has advocated for young people for more than 15 years.

Silver-Stock has collaborated with and presented workshops for the Girl Scouts of America, St. Luke’s Hospital, and many schools and colleges. She contributes to The Glow Project magazine and has published articles in many media outlets. Silver-Stock is a founding member of the Billionaire Girls Club, a group igniting women to create billions in impact for global good, and served as an advisory board member for the Go the Distance Project.

Her first book, The Powder Box Secrets, won several awards, including the prestigious Benjamin Franklin Award. Health Communications, Inc. will release Silver-Stock’s newest book, Secrets Girls Keep: What Girls Hide (& Why) and How to Break the Stress of Silence, in November 2009.

Silver-Stock loves staying active and spending time with her husband, two boys, and two dogs in St. Louis, Missouri. When she’s not encouraging teen girls to be comfortable in their own skin, she enjoys walking, boating, water-skiing, exercising and hanging out anywhere near a beach.

For further information, please visit www.carriesilverstock.com & www.girlswithdreams.com

To order the book online, check it out on Amazon here >>

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