Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Ebola! What a shame.

October 9, 2014

I am sick to my stomach that we have to deal with Ebola for no reason. There is no reason for any West African to come to America now. Why didn’t the Presidents of Liberia, Sierra Leone and Nigeria shut down their countries at the first signs of the epidemic. No, we have an epidemic and the worst case of Ebola ever seen but lets let our people come and go. Hey if I was the president of Liberia I would be sending my infected citizens off to the great US of A too with a bottle of Tylenol to beat the big security fever test. Hey, send them our sick. Once a few Americans get Ebola maybe we will finally get some help. I don’t feel bad one bit. My husband and I had a trip to Italy planned on September 12, 2001 and guess what??? We couldn’t go! No West African needs to come to America for any other reason now but to use our health care. BULLSHIT that Duncan came here to get married. What a joke! What a disgrace that we the American taxpayers have to pay for his 500 thousand dollar health care bill and over 100k apartment disinfecting when our own veterans are getting their benefits cut and our own people need help. America is broke! Our military needs to be on the Mexican border. You try to come in, well you won’t try again. What is going to happen when Mexico, El Salvador and Guatemala start to have Ebola cases. Where would you run to? Maybe I sound harsh and bitter. I am. I am disgusted that we are sending our military to West Africa. That is the job of the United Nations. Our people are going to be infected just like the NBC cameraman. If instead the African nations infested with this virus shut themselves down the virus would burn out there. Think about it people. If we had no one coming in and out, no one running across our border, and we started this lock down tomorrow, we might be able to contain this from becoming a full blown crisis in America. I cannot fathom what this President is thinking. He is putting his country in danger.


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  1. Jeni Green says:

    I’m glad to know I’m not the only one freaked about about this. I am to travel to Dallas (of all places) in the coming months and there is NO WAY I’m getting on a plane until this thing is contained. What the heck?

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