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Happy Housewives was published 10 years ago!

August 31, 2015

Happy Anniversary Happy Housewives Club. My book Happy Housewives came out ten years ago last week. The first day it sold 20 thousand copies. Feminist leader Gloria Steinem went on radio and called for her minions to cover my book in book stores. She told the press I was setting women back 50 years. I have to laugh because ten years later, look at all the housewives shows there are on television. I was ahead of the time. I wrote about organic food and holistic remedies before it was mainstream. I was telling moms to go on date night with their hubbies and that sex is the most important part of marriage before it was in style. The women were grateful for my message. I received emails (I still have about 40,000) of them from women all over the world. Women who were educated and women who were not wrote me to thank me for letting them off the hook. One woman who was a rocket scientist wrote me and thanked me because she wanted to be home with her babies and I helped her not feel guilty about it. I took a lot of abuse from the media in the beginning. I was booked to go on The View and got word that Joyless Behar was going to go on the attack against me for basically telling women to be Stepford Wives. I was interviewed on radio shows where hosts mocked my message and said that I was insulting to the modern woman. Well looking back I can see that I was right and ahead of my time. In just ten years we have watched the family, and the mothers go down the drain in America. I pitched a show based on Housewives to We and other networks. Of course they said no. My show would have been focused on Real Housewives who actually are housewives happily married, raising good kids, taking care. The housewives portrayed on TV today are all out partying it up, having one night stands, acting like pigs, and it is totally disgraceful. So call me stuck up. Call me a prude. I don’t care. I am proud to be married 21 years. Proud that my two kids are healthy and good students. Proud to be cooking dinner (most nights) and keeping my house clean and beautiful. I am proud that I quit my radio show and scaled back on my website. But for that, I want to apologize. To all my gals out there. To all of my lovely ladies who were with me in the beginning, we had a lot of fun together. I believe the chat rooms we created here, (with the help of Anne Cerva, Eren Hayes, Kamala Florio, Dana Potocki, Carlene Tonsager, Cristine Thomas, Robyn Hardesty, Dawn Cavuto, Dina Isola, Jessica Woodruff, Nina Hayley, Rene Chapman, Tanya Gibson, Meta Rachmatika, Christy Jordan, Amy Grisak, and the thousands of other ladies who were members of the Happy Housewives Club) and was the best place for all of us when our children were young. I was ahead of my time with HHC also. We had chat rooms going before Facebook was ever invented. I know it and my gals know it. And I am sorry I bailed out on the business plan with so many of my lovely ladies. I just needed to put my family first, because I wanted to stay a happy housewife and like I wrote ‘you cannot have it all at the same time.’ Something’s got to give, and I didn’t want it to be my family. But, no matter where we are now it was a great time and a lot of hours we spent in the forums. Just like any family or any friends some of us went our separate ways, and had to move on, even in conflict, but I want you all to know how special you were and will always be to me. I do love you all and think of you all the time.


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  1. Thank you for everything you do. I’ve been a married housewife for nine years. I worked part time when I was single plus a little bit when hubby was unemployed, but I am happy to be back home. I get insulted all the time by everyone I know and strangers! Even my doctors disagree about my choice.

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