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Get Organized

January 4, 2016

Buy some really big baskets with covers for the kids toy room. Put a big basket in each of their bedrooms for toys too. If you don’t have a toy room make a bedroom the play area or pick the corner or the family room. Buy closet organizers. You can pick up inexpensive plastic shelving and hang them in every closet. Also, grab the plastic hooks for coats and hang them on the inside of every closet door. I hang belts, coats, scarves on these hooks. There are so many online organizing sites and you can buy anything you could imagine.

In your kitchen. It really is crucial you stay organized. Get your pantry together. Keep all the food in categories. I have a baking shelf, a dinner stuff shelf, a breakfast stuff shelf, a lunch stuff shelf, a snack shelf, and a when am I going to use this shelf. It makes it easy so you can know when you are running low on something. Clear your counters. Nothing makes a kitchen look more messy than counters full of coupons, school papers, and food. You can get a coupon organizer and keep it in your drawer. These are great so you don’t hand in expired ones. For school papers clear one drawer just for those. Also purchase one of those plastic filing cabinets and label it for homework, projects, reports, future assignments, artwork, sports, and limbo. I have a lot of stuff in limbo still trying to decide what I am going to do with it.

There is no need for a dirty house
My great grandmother had nine children, a two bedroom house without two dimes to rub together. Her home was always bright, cheerful and spotless. I cannot stand a dirty house. Hey I am not saying your home has to be perfect but it shouldn‘t look like the bathroom at Hess. If you can afford a cleaning woman, good for you. If you are like most of the moms on this site, get out your gloves and start scrubbing. I have had cleaning women come in and you know what? They clean around the middle of the room. When they left I redid it. If you follow my schedule your house will always be presentable. This is the what is important. That your home be inviting and presentable at any time. You don’t have to mop your floors every day but you do have to straighten out every day, sometimes two or three times. Keep up on it and you won’t fall behind. Remember though, before you do anything, make yourself look presentable!


2 Responses to “Get Organized”
  1. Val says:

    I like your rule of “before you do anything, make yourself look presentable!” So helpful!

  2. Jessica says:

    It is really a problem! Even with no children coming back home from work I can find no time or energy even to wash up after dinner.

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