Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Bring the outside of your home to life

July 25, 2016

Bring color and life to the outside of your home by adding some pots and containers filled with beautiful spring flowers!
For container flower gardens, follow the golden rules:

  • Select the best types of plants for your environment, water and feed them according to their needs, and prune them on a regular basis to make the blooms last longer. ▪ Purchase your plants when the threat of frost has passed and your nursery has what you’ve selected in stock.
  • Buy your plants in ‘pony packs,’ plastic containers of seedlings. Place seedlings about six inches apart in each container. This closeness will force the plants to grow out, giving each pot a full lush look.
  • Use annuals so you can easily replace them when the blooms are gone.
  • For blooms with vibrant color and exquisite shapes, use plant bulbs such as amaryllis, begonia, and iris. Watered correctly, they’ll keep their color and shape for weeks on end.

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