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What does it take to be healthy?!

July 7, 2016

I eat healthy, I am thin, I exercise, and really if I am not in perfect health I don’t know who the hell is. I take a multi-vitamin, C, A, B,
D3, selenium, grape seed, kefir, wheat grass juice, and flax seed oil. I eat no processed foods and my big vice is coffee and a few glasses of wine each week. I buy organic chicken, and free range eggs. Every day I eat a salad and I drink about 8 glasses of water. What else can I do? Isn’t that enough? I guess not. Today I went to a nutritionist who checked my ‘healthy level’ and it only came in at
29%! Yes, onl 29%!

I am beyond shocked and disgusted. What the hell am I refraining from my kettle chips for? I have given up my beloved Mike’s Hard Lemonade. And worst yet, I haven’t had fried shrimp in years. Why am I denying myself such pleasures in life? Would I be worse off if I didn’t eat healthy? Really? How low can I go? And what would it take for me to get in the 80% range of health? Or even 50%?

The test given to me was a scan through my hand. I have no idea how it works but it can detect deficiencies, allergies, and your over all health level. Can these scans really tell what is going on in our bodies? I hope not. I am going to get extensive blood tests to check what is going on with me. Who knows, maybe I would be dead if I wasn’t eating as well as I am. Maybe I would be toxic. At one point after Hannah was born I was completely depleted of all nutrients. I wrote about it in my book. I couldn’t lift my head off the pillow in the morning. Every time I stepped onto the floor my feet were full of pins and needles. I fell asleep while I was bathing Hannah one afternoon. And I dreamed of driving my truck into a tree.

After dozens of the top doctors diagnosing me with everything from fibromyalgia to MS, I turned to natural homeopathic remedies and nutritionists. I changed my diet, I juiced, I started taking supplements and I have felt like a million bucks for the past six years. I know I was doing something right. So maybe I was at zero. Maybe I was on the verge of cancer. Maybe I did have one of those auto immune diseases the doctors diagnosed me with. Maybe I still do. Maybe 29% is a good number for me right now. But I can do better. I will do better.

I know one thing. I feel better today than I did at 30. I am 43 and I feel more alive, healthier, sexier, and happier than I have ever felt. I feel like I am in a place of contentment that can only come to you in your forties. I think it only gets better, but only if you are committed to getting better. So the scan, who knows if it is accurate. I know from what my body is telling me that I am doing pretty good. And so now I ask you, what is your body telling you? And can you do better?


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  1. Momtotwo says:

    I am in exactly the same boat. Doing everything I can to be healthy but not where I want to be. The test you took was probably a biomeridian test. I have found lots of food sensitivities for myself with that. The problem is there were so many of them that I am left with few choices to eat! For example, how does anyone live without chocolate, pizza, wheat, dairy or onions! Rice pasta and almond milk are my only decent substites. Any other ideas out there? Anyone know a great doc for CFS in San Diego, Ca?

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