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Fitness & Love

April 3, 2017

By Ruthie Swedlund

He said I was beautiful and he meant it. He said he loved me no matter what size I was, and he meant it. He has loved me through fat and fit and it’s hard to put into words what that means to me. I am blessed to have such a wonderful man in my life, but no matter how many times my husband told me he loved me just the way I was, I chose not to believe it. You see, I couldn’t really accept the love my husband had for me because deep down inside, I didn’t love myself.

When you’re out of shape, overweight, or full of self-pity, it’s very hard to see and understand how being fit and healthy can enhance your life. Before my transformation, if you would have told me I would soon be a confident, happy, upbeat Mom and Wife who LOVES life, I would have rolled my eyes and laughed. Back then, life was a chore, everything was difficult and I was filled with negativity and self doubt.

Being fit has changed a lot about me. Physically, I am more fit than I have ever been in my life. Spiritually, becoming and staying fit has brought me closer to my life’s purpose and helped me grow in my Faith. Emotionally, fitness has healed many wounds that I inflicted upon myself. You see, when I was unfit and unhealthy, I HATED my body. I hated the way I felt, the way my body moved, and how I felt in my husbands arms. I was exhausted and had low self esteem. It didn’t matter what anyone else thought. I needed to love myself.

So what does loving yourself have to do with fitness? Well, when you love yourself because you realize you are being who you were meant to be; when you love yourself because you know you have conquered various demons; when you love yourself because of the confidence you have gained through setting and achieving goals; when you love yourself because you are seeing life through different eyes, it changes EVERYTHING! You become a better Mother, Friend, Wife, and Lover.

Going through a transforming process isn’t easy. Changing life habits is hard! However, it’s much easier when you have a support system. If your fortunate enough to have your husband’s support and participation, here are some ideas for the two of you:

Communicate your individual goals:

  • Plan some quiet time together and write down your individual long and short term goals. Talk about what kind of life you would like to lead in 5, 10, or 20 years. What are some adventures being fit could offer you down the road?

Make a plan together:

  • Figure out how fitness will fit into your daily life. Plan activities during your week to help you get fit.
  • Find some strategies to help hold each other accountable, encourage one another, and remain focused.
  • Agree on how you both would handle the situation if one of you falls off the bandwagon.

Allow Grace and Peace to be present:

  • Promise to encourage and to not tear each other down. Positive self talk and encouraging words can make a big difference in completing your transformation.
  • Make a promise to yourself that you will be at peace with your decision to get fit while giving yourself and your spouse the grace to make mistakes.

Make your fitness activity something you enjoy:

  • Do you like music? How about taking a dance class together? Another idea is to use your iPod to create music lists for your spouse to listen to while they workout.
  • Do you both want to workout but don’t know where to start? Find a personal trainer and set a few “workout dates” instead of going to a movie or dinner. After you learn a bit about fitness then you can go workout together without the assistance of a trainer.
  • Do you like to travel? Plan a trip that includes hiking up a mountain, or walking from one town to the next, or pick a 5k or 10k to do together at a fun destination. Pick a vacation and then train for it.
  • Do you like to cook together? Work together to plan healthier meals and snacks that are easy to prepare. Be creative and find healthier solutions to foods you both already like.

Fitness can be a great way to bring peace, energy, and fun back into your marriage. But what if your spouse has no interest in actively participating with you? Well, there is great news! You see, although you might LOVE for you hubby to join in the fun of fitness with you, your transformation will still improve your marriage even if he refuses to go along. I believe eventually, the changes in your self esteem, energy, and wellness will be a powerful tool to motivate change in your husband.

We all must realize that when we love ourselves, we change the world around us. Our view changes because it isn’t clouded by self doubt, or self pity. We see the world, our family, and our husbands in a different light. As a result we love those around us more fully. Realize that you, your family and your husband are worth taking care of and you deserve the happiness a fit and healthy life can bring. This Valentines Day, give yourself the greatest gift you can: Love yourself enough to be fit.

For more Health and Fitness encouragement visit me at www.mybodmod.blogspot.com. Also, the “Be Healthy” section on The Happy Housewives Club Forums is a great place encouragement and support to reach your fitness goals for the New Year! Come join in the fun as we share our New Years Resolutions to become fit and healthy once and for all!

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