Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Great foods to eat every day

June 1, 2017

* A fresh salad
* Fruit
* Fresh grilled or broiled fish
* Fresh grilled or broiled chicken
* Sweet potatoes instead of white
* Homemade soup

It’s okay to eat carbs just not too much. If you crave this food you should satisfy yourself or you will go crazy. I love my bagels. Instead of eating them every morning I treat my self a couple of times a week. If I eat a bagel in the morning I don’t eat bread the rest of the day. Trade calories. Had a huge breakfast? Be careful at lunch and dinner. Your body needs fat it is actually good for your body to have real fat from fatty foods such as avocado, salmon, olive oil, nuts.
Girls, it is so important not to starve yourself. When you rob your body of nutrients and calories you feel fatigued and your metabolism shuts down. No matter how much weight you lose it will all come back once you return to your normal diet. You need to change the way you think about eating.

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