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How to get ready for a Garage Sale

June 1, 2017

With spring cleaning creeping up on us and the sun starting to shine just a little bit brighter it may be just about the right time to start preparing for a garage sale.

Garage sales, also called rummage sales, and yard sales in certain parts of the country are a great way to clean up a cluttered home by getting rid of used and unwanted items while making a nifty profit on the side.

With the slumping economy garage sales have become an enviable place to shop for second hand goods at second hand prices and are recognized as the best place to find bargains on jewelry, furniture, clothes, hand bags, books, and childrens items.

To prepare to put on your own sale this spring or summer below are some helpful tips to get you started:

  • Decide what you would like to sell and what you want to keep
  • The more valuable items and better condition items are in the easier and more profitable they are when it comes to selling
  • See if the neighbors would like to participate in the sale because multifamily sales always attract more visitors
  • Check to make sure that you do not need a permit or any other legal documents from the city for the sale
  • Set a date, time, and location (Saturdays and Sundays usually work best but in the summer it can be any day of the week) If you live in an army town than the first weekend of the month is the best time as that’s when payouts go through
  • Once a date is picked you should start to advertise the sale either online at all the garage sales websites and make or purchase signs to put within a half a mile radius putting clearly how to get to the sale (this is key for the early bird weekend treasure hunters)
  • Get tables and blankets so that you can neatly display items that are easy to be seen by those passing by
  • Go to the bank and grab proper change that correlates with the sale price of your items
  • Sell, Bargain, Haggle with your customers, and most importantly have fun!

This post was brought to you by Garage Sales Tracker. A website were users can post a garage sale for free as well as find all local yard sales, flea markets, and consignment shops in your community.

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