Sunday, June 24, 2018

Natural Summer

July 1, 2017
I love being outside in the summer. You know I don’t do sunscreen. I think it is just insane to slather chemicals all over your baby. The sun is healthy for you. You and your children need vitamin D. Just be careful. Go enjoy the sun, but don’t bake in it for hours. And when you feel your skin get really hot, go under an umbrella. As for the bugs, do not buy these commercial bug sprays. Go natural with tea tree oil and garlic. I sprinkle cayenne pepper around my patio and hose it down. Also I have citrenella plants all around my pool and patio. Put the tea tree oil on the dogs, just a few drops. Add some to water in a spray bottle and spray around your pool and patio area each day. Pour white vinegar on your patio to keep the flies and mold away. Do not spray your trees for insects. If you must spray use natural garlic oil spray. When you use the harsh chemicals you kill all the natural chain of events. Encourage bats to come to your yard with a bat house on your tree filled with peanut butter inside. One bat eats 700 mosquitos an hour. Buy nitrate free hot dogs and try to eat as much fresh fruit and veggies that you can. Stay healthy and natural this summer and have a lot of great fun and memories.

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