Wednesday, June 26, 2019

A Ghoulish Budget for a Party

October 10, 2017

Don’t let lack of funds keep you from having fun this holiday! You can still throw a great get together on a budget! Forget the expensive decorations, store bought invitations and catered creations! Halloween is homemade this year!

  • If you really need to send out invitations, why not do them over email? They are cheaper and there are hundreds of websites to create e-vites on for free!
  • Forget the theme! Who cares if your serving food on regular dishes (or heaven forbid, paper plates!) instead of out of a ceramic pumpkin dish that would have cost you fifty dollars? They’ll be more impressed with your homemade treats than your presentation!
  • For easy Halloween treats, make a batch of cookies, use up that canned pumpkin and bake some pie, and for a really cheap trick, purchase dry ice from your grocery store to add to any simple fruit punch for a spooky effect!
  • Decorate in budget! Use white sheets to cover tables and sofas. Dim the lights. Write spooky messages on the bathroom mirrors with bar soap. Be creative!
  • Trouble thinking up activities? Scary movies of course! Pull out your favorites tonight. Old classics or new horror films. Better yet, throw on something spooky and funny so the kids can join in!

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