Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Throw out your dumpy clothes

October 16, 2017

I have had moms come up to me (in their sweats with sneakers on) saying ‘hey, this is moms wear.’ Okay, okay. If so many moms want to wear sweats and sneakers than please buy some cute sweats and cute sneakers. Get to the store and pick up some of the latest trends in these comfy mom clothes. There are nice velour lounge pants out now that are really sexy. The key is to buy a straight legged sweat pant. For the sneakers there are so many cute styles now in different colors that look more like a shoe than a sneaker. That is what you want to get. But again, unless you are going to and from the gym, I see no reason to have sneakers on. There are so many cute shoes. In the winter I am hooked on boots. You can get comfy casual suede boots to hang around the house in that look fashionable if you run out. In the summer I always have on a cute sandal with a slight heel to make me look taller or my flip-flops.

You know I am short. Five foot two inches! It takes a lot of effort on my part to look good and believe me it is a huge effort. I could easily fall off the wagon. Retreat to the sweat pants, eat my favorite kettle chips and become a slob again. But, I am not going back there and neither are you. We are going to force ourselves to get our faces on, dress fashionably, and get out of the house. It’s easy to become a house frump. Fight it.

You can dress really cute by wearing jeans (not waist high with pleats please) with a tight tee. Now when I write tight I don’t mean too tight so you look like a sausage. I mean tailored. Nothing looks worse than a big boxy tee shirt. We’re going to have online shopping on this site soon. I can’t wait till you can see the t-shirts I’ve created. They are tailored, soft, cute and affordable.


2 Responses to “Throw out your dumpy clothes”
  1. melanie means says:

    i love your website!
    Love your tips and your attitude. Please keep it up, as we housewives really appreciate your efforts to help us be all we can be.
    Melanie, the sexy housewife
    from Indiana 🙂

  2. Jessica says:

    Furthermore when autumn comes I like to throw out not only old clothes but a lot of stuff in all the spheres of my house. I like my home to be revived. This needs a sum of money and a luck. pretty goods are really hidden away in the web, hardly but found this nice cover set for example

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