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Countdown to Turkey Day!

November 3, 2017

Turkey Day Countdown ~ What, When & How to do it all just right!

What to Do: 2 or 3 days before Thanksgiving

  • Sit down with your recipes and make shopping list.
  • Prepare any of the recipes that can be made ahead of time, you will appreciate this later.
  • Getting the chopping out of the way can be a real time saver on turkey day!
  • If your turkey is frozen, you will need to begin thawing him in the refrigerator now.
  • Get out your cooking equipment: turkey roaster, baster, kitchen twine, internal meat thermometer, FOIL, etc.

What to Do: The DAY before Thanksgiving

  • Finish any and all grocery shopping.
  • Sit down with a paper and plan out your cooking schedule.

Example Oven Schedule:

Time Task
10:00 am Turkey in the Oven!
10:30 am Baste
11:00 am Baste
11:30 am Baste
Noon Baste
12:30 pm Baste
1:00 pm Green bean casserole in oven
Baste Turkey
1:20 pm Sweet Potato Casserole in oven
Final Baste of Turkey
1:50 pm Remove turkey (check temp), cover with foilRemove Green Bean casseroleRemove Sweet Potatoe casserole
2:05 pm Rolls in oven
2:20 pm Everything out of oven. Turn oven off
  • If your pies can be baked ahead of time, do so.
  • Iron your tablecloths and set the table completely.
  • Chill any beverages or wines that you will be serving.


  • Remove turkey from refrigerator 1 hour before you are going to begin roasting it. You really don’t want it out any longer than that or you could risk bacteria starting to form. But much less, and it will be cold in the center parts of a large bird.
  • Unless you are using a roasting bag you will need to baste your turkey every half hour.
  • Follow your schedule that you planned out. Remember to set your timer for the basting, it’s easy to lose track.
  • Add the dishes at the times you decided on and just relax, the hard part is over.

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