Thursday, December 13, 2018

The Importance of Tradition

November 3, 2017

I asked a friend what her Thanksgiving plans were the other day and she replied, “not much, I can’t be bothered making a fuss.” Well why not I wondered? Why can’t she be bothered? I think the fun of the holiday is the fuss. So I asked her if she was making a turkey. And she laughed it off and said she was doing ‘pick up’ from the restaurant. Yes, there are plenty of gourmet markets where you can get the entire Thanksgiving Feast already prepared, but to me, that just takes something special from the holiday. There are just a few days a year that are special that we can truly make a fuss over. Thanksgiving is certainly one of them. Looking forward each year to the preparation, and the celebration, is what keeps the clock moving forward. What on earth would we do if we didn’t have these special occasions to look forward to? I love to fuss. I love setting a beautiful table. I love seeing my family sitting around it. This is how tradition begins. And it is the tradition of these holidays your children will cherish into their adulthood. And what you do now is what they will do in the future. Especially if you have a daughter. And believe me, the children do appreciate when mommy takes the time to fuss. Spending time with your children your kitchen rolling out dough, cutting shapes, baking pies and cookies is a gift every mother should give their child. Modern moms could laugh this off all they want but every child loves this. And ever busy mom can try to tell me picking up the dinner is the same, but we all know it’s not. Waking up to the parade with the smell of pumpkin pie and turkey in the oven is a childhood right of passage. Holidays full of food, family, friends and laughter create special memories. Even if you have no company and it is only your immediate family, still take time to set a beautiful table and give them a special feast. Use your best dishes, prettiest glasses, and if you don’t have extra money for flowers have the children collect pine cones from the yard to adorn the table. It is pretty easy to cook a turkey and mashed potatoes. You can do it. And you should.

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