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What is priceless this Christmas!

November 29, 2017

While people are out shopping the sales and busy trying to get their hands on the latest toy I am here to urge you to remember the Spirit of Christmas! What is important is not on sale. What your children really want they will never write on a list to Santa. What your husband or wife needs is something you cannot put a price on. The best gift of all this Christmas is you.

So while we are all running around this holiday season it is important to remember the little things. Take the time to bake cookies with your children. Make time to visit someone who is alone. Say hello to those you pass. Give yourself to your church. Donate what you can. Create a warm and cozy home. Cuddle on the couch with your children and watch Christmas movies. Write a list of your own of all the reasons you love your husband. Drape some lights along your child’s headboard. Cut out snowflakes and hang them from your kitchen ceiling. Snuggle with hot chocolate outside on your porch at night and look at the stars. Read A Christmas Story to your children. Invite friends and family over for some holiday cheer. Ask the school counselor if any children can use our child’s old warm clothes, coats, and boots. Bring an unwrapped toy to your local Toys for Tots center. Send a letter to someone you have lost touch with. Call your elder relatives to say Merry Christmas! Sing Jingle Bells with your children when you are driving down the road. Be silly together. Count down to Christmas with your very own custom 12 Days of Christmas calendar. Each day do something special. Hang mistletoe and smooch with your hubby. Bring food to your local pantry. Pray for our troops. Kiss, hug, kiss, and hug, your family. Teach your children the real meaning of Christmas. Give them the gift of compassion, generosity, and selflessness. Look in the mirror and remember how special you are. You are a gift from God and a gift to your family.

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