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Date night with hubby

April 1, 2018

You have got to get out with your husband. You need to keep your marriage alive. Being married isn’t enough. You want a romantic, loving, intimate, fun, friendly relationship. You want the relationship you had before the kids came along. Well you aren’t going to get it back if you always have the kids along. Call grandma, a sitter or do a kid swap with your girlfriend but you need to get out of your pajamas, and go out with your man. Talking, connecting and yes flirting with your husband is just what you need to be mentally turned on again. It’s not that you are too tired, it’s that you are bored. Everyday life with the kids makes you tired. You have to force yourself to go out. Believe me, once you are sitting in a restaurant with a glass of wine in your hand and no whining coming from your children you will feel rejuvenated.

If money is tight there are many romantic things that you can do on a date. Go to a park, go to a coffee shop, or simply go for a walk. Pack a picnic basket with champagne and go sit under the stars. And if you keep an eye out and watch your pennies you can get out for dinner with a coupon or an early bird special.

Go sit at a nice bar and have a drink together, flirt and talk just like you did way back when. And don’t spend the entire time talking about your children!

Oh but you don’t have a sitter?
You have to find a sitter!

I know moms who always say “I can’t find a sitter.” If you look you will find one! Ask friends, business people that you know and keep your eyes open. The nice teenage girl you see at the bagel store each morning just might be the girl for you.

If you have babies and just can’t get out of the house you can still have date night. Get them to bed early!
dress sexy for your man!

Just lighting some candles, and calling it date night can make all the difference. Play some romantic music and talk to each other. Look at each other! Touch!

Order a pizza, drink some wine, cuddle on the sofa and watch a movie together. Get cozy under a blanket and try not to fall asleep!

Make a bubble bath with candles in the bathroom and soak together and drink some champagne.

Throw a blanket down on your bedroom floor with some pillows and believe it or not just changing the scenery can make all the difference.

Make a deal with a mommy friend to swap kids once a month. She watches your baby while you go out, and then you return the favor the next week.

Don’t feel guilty! You deserve to have some alone time with your husband. Your children will be fine.


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  1. Aida says:

    Hi Darla! Its true whe you says about feeling bored by staying and watch children all day long! I was working and now sitting at home with my routin! You inspired me today how am i can catch back my huby and my flirting time! Though it only our memories but NO!!! Its can be happen again!! You have gave me an ideas..thanks Darla

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