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Light a fire in your marriage

April 2, 2018

So many women say they just aren’t in the mood. They are exhausted from cooking, cleaning, and taking care of the children. That is true. But the bigger truth is that your husband and you simply aren’t connecting. How many times a day do you touch each other? Does he kiss you at the end of the day? When was the last time you complimented him and when was the last time he told you you are beautiful. I guarantee and attentive hubby is getting laid no matter how tired his wife is.
So here are some tips for you guys out there.

The best foreplay is your mouth. Women are mentally stimulated. What you say will turn her on or off. A little thing like ‘Hey I am inviting my mother to stay her for a few days,’ will definitely kill the mood. Keep comments like that reserved for Sunday morning in church. Tell your wife she looks hot. That her rear end gets you all excited. That she is a great mom. That you love her cooking. That you thought about her all day.

The sure fire way to make your wife want to jump you… Get the kids to bed. Help clean up after dinner. Vacuum the kitchen. Take out the garbage without being told.
What happened to that fun guy. You used to laugh over the most stupid things but now you are yelling because the children are messy.
Sweep her off her feet. Yes, women do love men who take control. Hire a sitter and take your wife out. Don’t even go to dinner. Just go to a bar and sit with her and have a glass of wine. Look in her eyes and tell her you want to rip her clothes off.

Ladies… I promise once you get back in the sack you will be a lot happier. And this goes both ways. Tell your husband you think he is cute. Kiss him hello when he walks in the door. Try not to unload all the town gossip and kid problems on him as soon as he comes home. Remember the girl you were when you were dating and try to bring her back. Stop worrying so much about the house being clean and have some fun with your husband. If he does something annoying, try to zip it. Guys are easy and they take our lead. So throw out some attention and admiration and I promise you it will come right back at ya.


One Response to “Light a fire in your marriage”
  1. Hi, Darla! It’s been a while. Tommy has been zig-zagging around so much, he hasn’t seen you at the store. Hope all is well!
    My new book TWILLYWEED is coming out September 10th and I’m having a book signing downtown at the Mysterious Bookshop. That’s Thursday at 6:30. I’d love it if you could come!
    Wishing you the best- you deserve it!
    much love,
    Mary Anne Kelly Barresi

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