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Liquid Detoxification

April 1, 2018


By Jessica “Jia” Woodruff,  from Color Me Untypical

Did you know that one of the major items needed for a proper detox is right in your kitchen right now? Keep reading to find out how drinking the proper liquids can assist you in your healthy living journey.

We know we need to drink water, and lots of it, and without it, a detox program is nearly pointless. Water sustains life, and life is what we are looking for, not the toxins that come with every hamburger or leftover kid’s meal that the babies didn’t finish. Water can be the key to your personal detox when used properly.

With any type of detox you should be drinking water, and guess what? You better be drinking it even if you’re not detoxing! I know on the forums we’ve had a few discussions about colonics and many of you are against the idea of it. Guess what? If you drank enough water, you wouldn’t have all that fecal toxins sticking to your insides and a colonic wouldn’t be needed. But in this day, we don’t drink enough water. Why? Because soda, and coffee and alcohol are made readily available and for most, you never even have to leave your car to get them. We are dehydrated and it’s showing in our lack of energy, our poor health, and in our bodies.

But how much should we be drinking? If you try to research it yourself, you’ll find 16 different answers. Anything from “for every 50 pounds, drink one quart” to “divide your weight into thirds and then add . . .” and a bunch more math. I will agree personally with Dr. Mercola who says to “let your thirst guide you.”

Just keep a few simple things in mind:

– Drink Filtered, Bottled Water. There are too many chemicals and hormones being dumped into the water systems. If you don’t feel like buying bottled, spend the extra money on a tap filter.

– You’re not on a drinking marathon. If drinking so much water is making you sick, then slow down! You can in fact actually drown yourself by drinking too much water. But the good thing is, you can feel when enough is enough.

– If you buy bottled water, check the labels. Make sure nothing is added. Also, those sneaky flavored waters sometimes add sugar (it’s why they taste so good!) and high fructose corn syrup. High fructose corn syrup is what’s in soda, and it’s a chemical that prevents your body from producing leptin, which let’s your body know when you’re full. Avoid the high fructose corn syrup!

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