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Spring fitness tips

April 1, 2018

From Workout Essentials to Pantry Purges, Founder Lisa Druxman Advises on Shaping up for the Season

At the first signs of spring, many new moms will emerge from their winter hibernation ready to resume outdoor workouts and reverse recent indulgences in cold-weather comfort foods. But a foray into post-baby fitness following a seasonal hiatus does require some major mom motivation, so Stroller Strides founder and LEAN MOMMY author Lisa Druxman is sharing her expertise on how to spring back into good health – and stick with it.

“Just like any other time of the year, starting back into fitness for spring requires baby steps,” said Druxman, a pre/postnatal fitness expert. “Don’t push yourself too hard – if you progress a little each day, you’ll stay motivated to meet your goals and avoid unnecessary strain. Challenge yourself, but make it enjoyable.”

One of the benefits of a spring workout is that the great outdoors can act as a gym, which means baby can come along. Believe it or not, a total body workout can be achieved at virtually any neighborhood playground. Druxman recommends:

  • PLANK AT A PARK BENCH to develop endurance in core muscles that help support the lower back
  • REVERSE CURL ON THE SLIDE to target the abdominal six-pack with an emphasis on the lower abs
  • TRICEP EXTENSIONS ON THE MONKEY BARS with exercise tubing to strengthen triceps

But just because Mom is breaking a sweat, spring sunshine doesn’t necessarily mean warm temperatures.

“It can still be chilly, so make sure to dress in breathable layers,” Druxman said. “While you may warm up because of exercise, baby won’t, so make sure to bring a blanket for the stroller to keep her cozy.”

In addition to comfortable clothing, Druxman recommends the following key pieces of equipment to support and motivate a successful spring workout:

  • Xertube® – This lightweight, inexpensive resistance band can support a total body conditioning program at home, at the park – anywhere! I of course prefer the Stroller Strides ones by SPRI®.
  • BODYBUGG® – This armband is great for tracking caloric expenditure and intake.
  • Nike + iPod Sport Kit – This works with your iPod so you can see your speed, distance, calories burned and more while walking or running. My favorite motivating iPod track? “Proud” by Heather Small
  • ENELL® Sports Bra – Great for resuming your outdoor runs, this bra is the most supportive out there.
  • SIGG™ Water Bottle – It’s so important to stay hydrated during your spring workout, and these aluminum water bottles are great for you and the environment.

Finally, to ensure new moms don’t undo their spring fitness strides, Druxman suggests “spring cleaning” a few items from the home pantry.

“Get rid of the comfort foods like boxed mac & cheese and other processed items,” she said. “Instead, stock up on the fresh fruits and veggies coming into season. A diet loaded with water, fruits and vegetables will help put an extra ‘spring’ in your step.”

Stroller Strides classes are offered in more than 1000 locations in the United States and now in Canada. The hour-long classes emphasize cardiovascular activities and muscle-strengthening exercises using resistance bands and strollers, allowing moms to interact with their babies throughout their workout. To further assist mothers in all aspects of their lives, Stroller Strides partners with LUNA® and BOB®. For more information about Stroller Strides, including class locations, visit www.strollerstrides.com.

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