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Rules for staying healthy

May 1, 2018

Let’s be realistic. It really stinks to get in shape. It’s easier to be a chubbette. I would love to eat a beef taco right now with french fries. And I do allow myself to eat these things once in a while. But I am pushing forty. I just can’t eat everything I used to be able to eat. Now I notice the pounds come on faster. So, I watch myself. It takes a lot of discipline and mostly I hate it. But I want to live. That is it. I am terrified of getting cancer and I spend a lot of my time on the internet researching health and holistic websites. Trying to find out how I can stay alive. I am getting so many letters from women who have cancer or who are recovering from it. It is heart breaking. It is reality though. But we can prevent it. I hope that is the case. I am trying. I am going to try to save all of you too. I want us all here forty years from now. So let’s get serious together.

Forget all the diets.
Love your body no matter what size it is. You need to love yourself and respect yourself. You need to want to be healthy. You have to have the desire to change your ways. If you can do this you are almost ready.

Have a positive attitude.
This is the most important step in life I think. I try to stay away from negative people. People who whine and complain all the time are a drag. When I hear someone wallowing in self pity I can’t stand it. I find a way to stay away from that person. You should too. Stay with positive people. Find happy, secure women to befriend. Don’t let anyone pull you down.

Whatever is stressing you out put it away. I have a gift of not thinking about things. This I know is extremely bothersome to some of my friends and family members who harbor thoughts for days and sometimes years but I don’t. I think it’s because I really don’t care about the nonesense. If my family has it’s health that is all I care about. The rest is gravy. Don’t get stressed out about anything. Nothing is worth your health. Stress will take a toll on your physical and mental being. So, de-stress.

Start to rethink how you eat.
Try to remember that you should eat to survive. You eat for fuel and energy. If you think of your body as an engine and you want it to run to it’s fullest capacity do you want to give it a bunch of crap? No.

Eat real food.
So many women I know are obsessed with low fat diet, carb free, meat free diets. They buy everything low fat and avoid carbs. I see them buying low fat pretzels and low fat chips, and fat free cookies. This is crazy. Don’t eat chips, pretzels or cookies. Change your thinking. Snack on fresh veggies, fruit, and indulge in the real thing just less of it.

Be European.
This is how the Europeans live. They eat a handful of fresh nuts as a snack. For their dinner they eat fresh meat with lots of vegetables, potatoes or rice, salad, and they enjoy their meal. The eat full meals without snacking on a lot of junk throughout the day.

Try not to eat anything man made.
Does this make sense? If you want to lose weight remember this and you will see the pounds dissolve. If you remember not to eat anything that comes in a sealed bag and eat fresh healthy foods you will improve your health and your weight. Now I am not saying it’s okay to go eat a donut because it is freshly made. Donuts don’t grow on trees. Keep apples and fresh nuts in your bag to snack on.

Eat every three hours. One book I love is The Three Hour Diet by Jorge Cruise. Please read it. Now he has this program where you can buy the food from him. If you can’t make your own meals this might be an option but really, why can’t you do it? Get back in the kitchen. Start preparing some healthy nutritious foods for you and your family.

Make sure you eat breakfast.
Coffee is not breakfast. So many moms I know grab their coffee and they are out the door. I don’t get this because I wake up starving. I can’t eat fast enough. It’s because my metabolism is very fast. Because I have learned how to speed it up by eating every three hours.You can too. Don’t skip meals and feed your body. If you feel hungry you need to eat.

Eat organic.
It is not that much more expensive. Make your priorities. Don’t buy all the extra junk. Spend your money on organic milk, vegetables, fruit and meat. I could have an entire website just about this. You can do your own research. I will tell you however that I switched to organic milk because I don’t want my children drinking milk from cows that are given hormones, steroids, antibiotics, and dead ground up cows to eat. The same goes for my beef. I want organic, free range beef for my family. I think if we all start to buy this beef eventually the commercial beef industry will clean up its act.

Remember the saying an apple a day….
Make sure you and your children eat fresh fruits and vegetables every day. Make a big salad with dinner. Make sure the kids eat an apple or fresh red grapes every day. Slice carrots with ranch dressing as dip instead of chips. Slice the apples really thin and call them apple chips.

Don’t buy that sugar cereal. How can you give your kids a big bowl of cocoa puffs and send them to school? Do you think they are going to be able to sit in their seat? I get crazy when I hear this whole ADD epidemic in this country. I think a lot of children are misdiagnosed or purposefully diagnosed and medicated to make their teacher’s lives easier. It is very sad. A lot of children diagnosed with attention deficit disorder actually have very high IQ’s. They are most likely not stimulated in school and they become bored and jittery. Anyway, I bring this up because many parents give their kids a lot of sugar which could be adding to their behavior problems. Don’t buy soda. It is all sugar. They don’t need it. Don’t buy so much juice. Give your children water! WATER! Lots of it. And don’t send your children off to school and expect them to behave with cans of soda, bags of cookies, and candy in their back pack. No donuts for breakfast!

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