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Make your own cleaners

June 4, 2018

Making your own cleaners is the best way to clean on a dime – if you have a few simple “ingredients” in your home, you can make everything you need to keep everything sparkling and fresh, and it won’t break the bank!  Here are a few recipes that you will want to make sure and have in your card file.  If you have your own, let us know!
All purpose cleaner
(liquid soap)
Use Murphy’s liquid soap to remove spots from woodwork, tile and linoleum. Add a few drops of liquid soap to a wet washcloth and rub surface briskly.

Brass Polish
Apply ketchup or worcestershire sauce. Let stand a few minutes, then rinse. If an area doesn’t clean, there must be a build up of grease or dirt. Clean the residue off with paste of salt and vinegar, and then reapply the sauce. Or try a natural product called Citra-Solv, made from citrus peels.

Bug Spray
Mix 3 Tbs of liquid peppermint Castile soap with 16 ounces of water in a spray bottle. Spray directly on ants, and spiders to kill them.

Carpet Cleaner
1 part cornstarch
1 part 20 Mule Team Borax

Combine and sprinkle over carpet. Leave for one hour. Vacuum.

Carpet Freshener
4 cups baking soda or cornstarch
35 drops Eucalyptus essential oil
30 drops Lavender essential oil
25 drops Rosewood essential oil
or any combination of your favorite essentail oils

Measure 4 cups of baking soda into a bowl, add essential oils. Break up any clumps that form, stir until well mixed. Before vacuuming sprinkle powder from a shaker type can or jar. Let it sit on the carpet for about 15 minutes then vacuum.

Carpet Freshener – Herbal
1 cup baking soda, 1/2 cup lavender flowers
Crush the lavender flowers to release their scent. Mix well with baking soda and sprinkle liberally on carpets. Vacuum after 30 minutes.

Carpet Odor
Sprinkle baking soda on carpet and leave over night. Vacuum.


1) A great non-toxic carpet stain remover is club soda. Soak spot immediately with soda and blot until the stain is gone.
2) Pet Urine on Carpets: Dab area with toweling to absorb as much as possible, wash spot with liquid dish detergent, and rinse with 1/2 cup vinegar diluted in 1 qt warm water. Lay towels or paper towels over the spot and weight down to absorb excess moisture. Let stand 4 to 6 hours, then remove toweling, brush up nap and allow to dry completely. Use an electric fan to speed drying.
3) Red wine stains can be removed from carpet by rubbing baking soda in and vacuuming.
4) Sprinkle cornstarch onto carpet, vacuum.
5) To remove grease spots from carpets, first sop up the liquid with a sponge, then rub a liberal amount of baking soda into the spot. Let it absorb overnight. Next day, remove the excess and vacuum the area.
6) To remove grease spots from carpets, first absorb excess with a sponge, then rub a liberal amount of corn starch into the spot. Let sit overnight, then vacuum.
7) Dry cornstarch sprinkled on rug and vacuumed.

Copper cleaner
(white vinegar, water and salt)

Mix equal parts of vinegar and salt (a tablespoon of each) and apply to the surface with a rag. Be sure to rinse thoroughly with water afterwards, otherwise it will corrode. Don’t use this cleaner on lacquered finishes!
Use these green cleaning recipes to create homemade cleaners that are safe for you, your children and the environment.

Copper Polish
Coat the surface with ketchup. Let sit for a few minutes, then rinse off. Rub with a soft cloth to dry.

Disinfectant Cleaner
Mix 15 drops of grapefruit seed extract with 2 cups of warm water. Pour the solution into a spray bottle. Grapefruit seed extract also whitens sinks, tubs, and tiles.

Drain Cleaner #1
1/4 cup baking soda
1/2 c vinegar

Pour baking soda in drain. Pour vinegar in drain. Tightly close the drain. Let rest a few minutes. Then flush with boiling water. Repeat until clear. To keep the drain free of buildup, weekly flush with 1/4 cup salt, then boiling water. (an Alka-Seltzer also works well in place of the baking soda)

Drain cleaner #2
(baking soda, white vinegar and boiling water)

Pour 1/2 cup of baking soda down the drain first, then 1/2 cup vinegar. Let it fizz for a few minutes. Then pour down a teakettle full of boiling water. Repeat if needed. If the clog is stubborn, use a plunger. For very stubborn clogs, use a mechanical snake. This recipe will free minor clogs and helps to prevent future clogs.

Flea Spray
Score and slice a lemon, place it in a bowl, and pour 1cup of boiling water over it. Allow to sit overnight, and then spray or sponge the citric solution onto your pet.

Furniture Polish
1 part lemon juice
2 parts vegetable or olive oil

Hard Water Buildup
Put equal parts vinegar and water inside a tea kettle or vase that has mineral buildup. Let sit for at least a half hour. Then scrub out the minerals

Linoleum floor cleaner
(white vinegar and water)
Mop with a mixture of 1/2 cup vinegar in a bucket of warm water. The vinegar odor will dissipate shortly after the floor dries.

Oven cleaner #1
(baking soda and water)

Mix 1 cup of baking soda with enough water to make a paste. Apply the paste to oven surfaces and let it stand a little while. Use the scouring pad for scrubbing most surfaces. A spatula or a bread knife is effective to get under large food deposits. This recipe will require more scrubbing effort, but it is nontoxic for you, your children and the environment. Commercial oven cleaners contain severe irritants. Do not use this cleaner recipe on self-cleaning ovens!

Oven Cleaner #2
When the spill is still warm, sprinkle with salt and scrub

Porcelain Cleaner
Rub porcelain with cream of tartar and a damp soft rag.

Silver Polish
Make a paste with 1/4 cup baking soda and 1 1/2 T water. Apply with a damp sponge. Rub, then rinse and buff dry. Or put the baking soda in enough boiling water to cover the silverware. Let sit 10 minutes, then polish.

Spot Remover (General)
Dissolve 1/4 cup Borax in 2 cups of cold water. Sponge on and let dry. Wash garment or fabric as recommended. This solution works on blood, chocolate, coffee, mildew and mud.

Spot Remover (Ink)
Wet the fabric with water, then apply a paste of cream of tartar and lemon juice. Let sit for an hour, then wash as directed. You can also try spraying the garment with hair spray just before washing.

Spot Remover (“washable” Color Makers)
Rinse stain in cold water until it runs clear. Then wet the stain with rubbing alcohol. Blot with another cloth until the color is removed. Was in hottest water allowed for fabric.

Spot Remover (Poster Paints and Watercolors (on Garments))
Apply rubbing alcohol to the stain and blot with another cloth until no more color comes off. Line dry. If stain remains, soak garment in one quart of warm water, one teaspoon of dishwashing liquid, and one tablespoon of vinegar. Wash in hottest water temperature the fabric can tolerate.

Spot Remover (Poster Paint. Finger Paint and Watercolors (on Carpeting or clothing))
First remove as much of the paint as possible by applying a paste of baking soda and water to the stain. When the paste is dry, vacuum the spot. To remove what remains, soak a sponge in rubbing alcohol and blot stain until no more color comes off on the sponge (stand on the sponge to encourage the paint to soak up). If some stain still remains, blot again with sponge soaked in ammonia.

Tile and floor Cleaner
Scrub with Paste of 20 Mule Team Borax and water

Toilet Bowl #1
Sprinkle with baking soda, the pour in a little vinegar. Scrub with a brush. For tougher stains, make a paste and lemon juice and let it remain on the stain over night.

Toilet Bowl #2
(baking soda and liquid soap)
Sprinkle baking soda inside the bowl as you would any scouring powder. Add a couple drops of liquid soap as well. Scrub with a toilet bowl brush and finish the outside surfaces with a rag sprinkled with baking soda.

Tub and sink cleaner
(baking soda and liquid soap)
Sprinkle baking soda on the porcelain fixtures. Rub with wet rag. Add a few drops of the liquid, Murphy’s soap to the rag for more cleaning power. Rinse well to avoid leaving a hazy film.

Upholstery Cleaner
1/4 cup 20 Mule Team Borax
1 T dishwashing liquid
1 C warm water

Rub Surface with a soft cloth that has been dipped in this solution.

Wall Cleaner
1 gal. hot water
1/2 c borax

Window Cleaner #1
(white vinegar and water)
Put 1/4 cup of white vinegar in a spray bottle and fill to the top with water. Spray on the surface. Rub with a lint-free cotton rag. For outdoor windows, use a sponge and wash with warm water and a few drops of liquid Murphy’s or castile soap in it. Rinse well and squeegee dry.

Window Cleaner #2
2 c water
2 T ammonia

Window Cleaner #3
1 c vinegar
2 c water

This does a great job cleaning windows and mirrors.


Chewing Gum in Hair
Slather peanut butter on the gum. It will dissolve it. Then comb it out. Keep doing this until all the gum is removed. You can also try freezing it as with the silly putty above.


Rub with shortening(not margarine- this has yellow dye in it) and clean with washing soda

Play Dough on Carpeting
Remove larger pieces while dough is still pliable. Let the rest dry over night into the carpet. Make a solution of warm water with some dish washing liquid. Use a stiff brush dipped in the water to work the rest of the dough out.

Silly Putty on Carpeting or Garments
My mom says that when I left silly putty on the carpet, she froze it by applying ice. It becomes brittle and peeled right off

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