Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Teach Your Children to Wash Their Hands

June 4, 2018

Sure the media and even our own doctors will tell us we NEED the vaccines that they recommend to avoid catching the super bug, a virus, the flu or even the common cold, but there’s something so simple that you can do to avoid the flu without getting the vaccination!

We all know we should wash our hands. But do we really know how?

  • Get your hands wet with warm water
  • Use plenty of soap and lather up real good
  • Wash the palms and backs of your hands, wrists (or up to your elbows if you’re like me), and in between your fingers, and don’t forget underneath the finger nails!
  • Rinse with water
  • Dry off with a clean paper towel, and use that towel to turn the sink off (to prevent reinfecting your clean hands), also use this towel to open the door.

Remember to wash your hands after touching anything gross. The toilet, a pet, your childs nose, and before cooking (during cooking too!)

So how long should you continue to wash? Let’s just say, long. You can sing Happy Birthday twice, or even the ABC’s. Take your time.

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