Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Haters gonna hate (Taylor Swift)

July 18, 2018

Leftie fringe press trying to make me sound like a “Crazed, Racist, Lunatic, Conspiracy theorist who is Anti-woman.”

What a joke! How pathetic. Ever since my husband was announced to the White House Comms Post they have been gunning for me. They are digging up radio shows and podcasts over a decade old. They are taking my tweets out of context. They put up my tweet but without the whole story like who I was responding to, retweeting, or referring to.

They ignore the fact that I am an author, radio host, blogger, who ran a PUBLIC Twitter page until last week. So where was the outrage up until the day my husband was announced to the White House. How convenient they go after me 3 hours after Bill Shine is announced to work with the President.

Anyone who works with #POTUS or supports #TRUMP is a target.  Please #WALKAWAY

The left claims I took down my twitter page to hide my “racist rants.”

The only reason I took down my twitter page was was because we all know how addicting Twitter is and I knew the leftie wackos would start attacking my husband and I would be on my phone non-stop reading about it and wanting to defend him.

I had members of the media following me on twitter and my page was public so for the entire year after my husband left FOX and while every left wing journalist was writing about him, trying to dig up any dirt they could, how come they never discovered his wife was a “racist lunatic?”

Because they knew it wasn’t true.

Oh yes, I am also a “conspiracy theorist” about my questioning vaccine safety on twitter. Well what about actor Robert Deniro. Have you leftie media peeps seen this headline from The Independent;

Robert De Niro insists there ‘is a link’ between vaccines and autism
‘I’m not anti-vaccine. I want safe vaccines,’ De Niro has said

Maya Oppenheim
Thursday 14 April 2016 09:55

Everyone who listened to my show or read my tweets knew I pointed out the ludicrous one sided media. I mixed serious every day issues and laced them with humor and political satire.  Any one in radio knows you have to be provocative, funny, and controversial. In all the years I was on the radio there was never one complaint to any of my stations, why, because anyone listening knew there was no ill intent and only jokes mixed with serious content.. So please for all of you attacking me why don’t you go listen to my shows. They really are funny.

Liberal lefty rag mag Salon has a new hit piece on me today. They try very hard to make me sound like I am anti-women in politics by quoting one of my podcasts from 2007.  Did you read that? 2007.

So here is the podcast in its entirety that they are referring to. It is quite hilarious.  Get your coffee.

The Darla Shine Show aired from 2006 to 2010

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