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Recipe for a Happy Home

July 7, 2018

Default Recipe for a Happy Home.
So how can you keep a happy home? How can you make your environment a peaceful and beautiful place for your children to grow up in? Everything you do inside your home will impact your child for the rest of his life. The memories of his childhood are up to you now, to make. And while every day life can bring a lot of pressure and chaos, it really is the little things at home that can change a childhood. We are all busy. And many times we can all be coexisting in the home but not really doing anything to make the days special. So why not start a movie night. You all cuddle up for a family movie with homemade popcorn. What about camping in your living room? The little ones love this. Entertain. The children love family and friends coming over to their home. Bake. Really I can think of nothing the children enjoy more than messing up the kitchen with flour and sugar. Have a party. Play music loud! Dance in your living room. Kiss your husband in front of your children. There is no better gift to give your children than a loving marriage between her parents. Cook dinner. Children love homemade, nutritious meals that their mommy made. Keep your house clean. A happy home just cannot be a dirty, messy home. Keep yourself together. A happy home must be led by a happy mommy.
Mix Love, Chaos, Patience, Faith, God, Hard Work, and a lot of laughter, mix it all together, and enjoy a great life.


2 Responses to “Recipe for a Happy Home”
  1. Excellent post! Now…if I can just get through packing, moving, and un-packing and still keep a happy home! 🙂

  2. You bring up a lot of good points. Environment is probably a big factor. Thanks for sharing.

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