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Guide to Holidays

November 29, 2018

Don’t you wish that your grandmother left you a guide to the holidays? Wouldn’t it be nice to just reach for a binder that she prepared for you with step by step instructions of how to sew homemade Halloween costumes, create the perfect Thanksgiving dinner, or the secret recipes of Grandma’s Christmas cookies? Why not start your own guide for the children, grandchildren or your future daughter-in-laws? Not only is this useful but something that your children will someday cherish.

Go to the store and pick up a notebook/binder. This will be your Holiday Guide. In this book you will have your guests list, menu, recipes, table settings, centerpieces, time line, dos and don’ts, and much more. This book is going to be a valuable resource every year. Eventually you will pass it down to your daughter or other member who takes over the holidays. Its your torch to pass! You can get very creative with this.

What you need

  1. A three ring binder
  2. Dividers

Thats it! Now you can decorate it anyway you like. If you scrapbook, this is a fabulous time to get your creative juices flowing. Use lace, and ribbon, or old pictures, anything that makes this personal and pretty.

Journal paper is also nice so you can jot down new recipes, traditions and even write down memories from that year. Not only will it be a guide for the holidays in the future, but a sacred keepsake full of memories and love!


One Response to “Guide to Holidays”
  1. Maja says:

    Oh this is such a nice idea! Thank you!

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