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Give up shopping

December 30, 2018

What do you think? Can you give up shopping for a year? No? Me either. How about 6 months or even one month? To me it seems impossible. Sad, I know, but there is something about the thrill of finding a new top that is flattering and fun that just keeps me hunting down the latest and greatest. Honestly, I tire quickly of my wardrobe and adding a new accessory or top is just the thing to keep me happy.

You can guess that I have an over-abundance of stuff, some of which gets very little wear. I am well aware that my consumer habits need to change for the sake of budget and closet space, not to mention how much easier it would be to put together an outfit in the morning if I had a clear idea of what is in my closet.

I found an interesting article about giving up shopping for the sake of taking a step away from consumerism and eliminating any shopping that is not necessary (gasp!).


2 Responses to “Give up shopping”
  1. Crystal Hankey says:

    I read an interesting book a few years ago called, “Not Buying It” about a couple who tried to not buy anything at all for a year except necessary food. (chocolate and wine are not necessary, who would of guessed it – not me!) They saved alot of money and saw how much impulse and “I want it” buying they did but it sounded very hard. For about 4 months last year I kept my food budget to about 160.00 for the month for myself and my husband and two small dogs. It was hard but money was extremely tight and as my mom would say, ” Nobody died” lol

  2. Heather says:

    this doesn’t apply to ALL shopping of course, but a great thing to try is “refashioning”. It requires some motivation and commitment, as well as basic knowledge of sewing, but it’s so rewarding! Check out this site for more info:

    nikkishell dot typepad dot com/wardroberefashion/

    it’s awesome!!!

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