Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Pantry Basics

December 29, 2018

* Flour
* Sugar
* Brown sugar
* Baking powder
* Baking soda
* Yeast
* Spices (in powder form, cinnamon, ginger, garlic, onion, paprika)
* Vanilla
* Kosher salt
* Fresh pepper
* Canned crushed tomatoes
* Jar of olive oil
* Jar of canola oil
* Cans of (red kidney beans, garbanzo beans, white kidney beans, yellow corn kernels, baked beans, artichoke hearts, albacore tuna)
* Mayonaise
* Ketchup
* Molasses
* Ground stone mustard
* Honey
* Bag of chocolate chips
* Bag of nacho chips
* Jar of mild Mexican salsa
* Several bags of pasta, rigatoni, linguini, spaghetti
* Apple sauce
* Box of crackers
* Bread


One Response to “Pantry Basics”
  1. Tierra says:

    Good list! I had been looking oline for pantry staples, so nice to find one here!

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