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Party Ready in 20 Minutes

December 7, 2018


Q: During the holiday season, my husband frequently calls me on short notice for us to have drinks with co-workers or to visit friends. While I love going out, often I find myself unable to get ready in a short amount of time, and with this being the holiday season, we have parties lined up! Are there any tips that you can give me to make getting prepared easy and quick?

A: I know how difficult it can be when you need to get ready quickly, here are some tips to get party ready in as few as 20 minutes

  • Plug in hot rollers and set hair – 5 minutes
  • Hang your little black dress in the bathroom to steam while showering – 30 seconds
  • Shower – 3-4 minutes
  • Moisturize face, body, apply deodorant and perfume- 2 minutes
  • Apply make-up, foundation, mascara, and red lipstick OR foundation, blush, eyeliner (rim eye completely) and nude lipstick/gloss – 3 minutes
  • Put on your dress, hosiery, high heels, jewelry and handbag – 5 minutes
  • Take rollers out – flip hair and finger comb – 1 minute

Out the door!

Here are some more tips to help you always e prepared

  • Shave your legs regularly – so its already done
  • Make sure your little black dress is always clean and available
  • Keep your party handbag stocked with tissue and mints

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