Wednesday, January 23, 2019

The Christmas Spirit!

December 13, 2018

I love Christmas. I love decorating my house. I love cooking. I love giving people gifts I know they will enjoy. The deeper spirit of Christmas, I am concerned, is not being engrained into my children’s hearts. I know they enjoy giving presents. I know they appreciate the birthday of Jesus. But, maybe because they have everything, I have spoiled their Christmas. When I was young we had to wait for our birthdays or Christmas for a special item we wanted. When I was younger neighbors caroled on your porch. I can remember Santa everywhere, not just the mall. And I remember the sweeter things in life like baking with great aunts and drinking hot cocoa as the town tree was lit. Am I remembering my childhood through rosier colored glasses or was the hometown Christmas more to cherish back in the day? My children have not watched the Walton’s Christmas. They have not read the Gift of Magi. Maybe it is some of the old fashioned Christmas shows that are needed in my house. To my children those shows are corny. I cannot even get them to watch Rudolph without them saying how bad the animation is. I have created little elfs from hell, helfs. In an effort to turn this all around this weekend they have to help me bake old fashioned Christmas cookies. They are going to wrap presents. They are going shopping with me for the children at the homeless shelter. And we are going to watch the Little House on the Prairie Christmas movie. In today’s fast pace world, I know we can use some good old fashioned family time. Especially around Christmas!


One Response to “The Christmas Spirit!”
  1. Crystal says:

    I completely feel that we’re losing the sweeter side of Christmas, this year we’re getting more meaningful presents and taking the time to just spend time with each other.

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