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A Love Letter to your honey…

January 31, 2019

There is nothing more romantic and FREE than writing a romantic letter to your honey. If you feel ‘strange’ about this you can simply list all the wonderful attributes your mate possesses. This can be a bullet list. You are a great mom. You are an amazing woman. You have made me so happy, etc. Or you can write a letter about your lives together and how happy your spouse has made you. These love letters are a keepsake that your wife will cherish always. The same goes for your children. Jot down some of the reasons you are proud of your child. Let them know how great you think they are.


3 Responses to “A Love Letter to your honey…”
  1. shiria says:

    my marriage will be 15 years this year. but most of the time my hub and me have platonic relationship. now we sleep in different rooms. i have only a teenaged daughter. my hub doesn’t consider me as a woman and a wife but a doormat. i have become a housewife since marriage. he always finds fault with me. and in everything.
    i am becoming depressed and with fluctuations in my health. we have an age gap of 13 years. till now i feel being a nothing for him. your suggestions are most welcomed.
    coz am tired now. i lack love, understanding, caring. hugs even physical love. wat do you advise me darla shine and readers?

  2. Shannon says:


    I implore you to give it to God and pray for the specific needs of your husband… You can plants the seeds in which you want your husband to grow or be. However God is the only one who can make those seeds grow, just like a flower garden. Naturally this may take some time, depending on the seeds.

    Maybe even try reading the book the Love Dare, if nothing else it will teach and show you who you really are and if you are who you truly indeed think you are as a wife. If one spouse truly engages in marriage as the good Lord intended, their mate is bound to reciprocate on some sort of level, even if it is baby steps.

    Good luck & God bless…above all never give up! All things are possible through God who strengthens us.


  3. Shilo says:

    what a wonderful idea…you could slip it into his ESPN magazine that is constantly on the bathroom floor after you go in to flush because he forgot. Perhaps you could diguise it a one of emails from the porn sites…or maybe even tape it to the flat screen TV he is now making love too during March Madness…I’ve got an even better one>>>> How about you just slip him a coupon for one night free pass and call it a day. Honestly if you have time to write love letters you have way to much time on your hands. The attention span of a man is about 30 seconds…take that time to tell him you love him and then ask him to put the clothes in the dryer.
    A man is very simple….the 4 “S’s” Sex,sandwiches,sleep and sports. Stop waiting for him to make you happy and make yourself happy.Smiling is contagious and a new hairdo and something sexy never hurt. Yes God is fanastic and awsome and the prayer route works but God does not want you to stay in a marraige that makes you miserable.God does not want you to be depressed.God does not obligate you to be mistreated and ignored by someone who made a promise to honor you and broke that promise.Let your husband reconcile with GOd on his own terms because his relationship with him is just that “his”. From what you say…does not sound like he is really tyring to work it out.
    If all else fails a good shock to the system usually will rouse the beast. Take a vacation by yourself..have a romance party on game night…shake things up a little. I am not saying upset him on purpose but get his attention and then ask for what you want.

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