Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Cooking Tips

March 1, 2019

* Never cook on High! And then you won’t burn everything
* Don’t use Teflon pans, they can cause cancer
* Always grease the bottom of your pan with oil or butter
* Yes, you do need to preheat the oven
* You do need to wait for the water to boil
* Use your common sense, if a recipe calls for a cup of salt????
* Taste while you cook
* Who cares what the recipe calls for, you can add more of this or that
* Tell your mother-in-law to shut up! She doesn’t know everything
* Clean as you go, scrub the pots and put them away before you sit down
* Set yourself up for success, have your ingredients ready before you start
* Keep certain spices and condiments in the house, look at my pantry list
* Always make extra, it is great to have leftovers to freeze or eat the next day
* Try to use the freshest ingredients – there is just no comparison

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