Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Get back in the kitchen!

March 1, 2019

Why would some moms buy designer clothes for their kids but give them the worst junk to eat? It’s your responsibility as a mom to give your children the freshest most nutritious foods available to you.

There is just no excuse for giving your children hot dogs and boxed macaroni and cheese night after night. You have to get into that kitchen and start preparing some decent meals.

It is easier than you think. You can fry up fresh chicken nuggets with homemade dipping sauce in ten minutes. You can serve them with sliced apples and carrots. You can toss fresh pasta with cut up vegetables like zucchini and red pepper. Add a bit of butter, parmesan cheese to just about anything and your kids will eat it. You have to start while they are young. Introduce them to freshly cooked fish and they will learn to enjoy it. If you give them junk all the time that is the flavor they will aquire. Your children will grow into adults. What you put into their little bodies now will affect their future. Think about it.

You can cheat once and a while. I take my children out for pizza and soda once in a week. I give them chips and cookies. But these are treats after they have eaten properly the rest of the week or day. If your children eat a wholesome dinner, give them a chocolate dessert. If they ate all their vegetables all week, let them indulge on Saturday with an orange soda.

I know we are busy. But we are certainly not too busy to take a half hour out of our day to make a meal for our families. Get your kids on board to help. Let them slice, stir, and have fun with you in the kitchen.

The dinner table is the place where all the action is. Sit, eat, and talk with your kids.

cooking can be fun
A lot of women want to cook for their families but worry that it takes too long and that what they try to prepare might not taste good. You don’t have to be afraid to cook. I have included recipes any mom can pull off in less than an hour.


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