Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Getting kids involved

March 1, 2019

Teaching children to pick up after themselves is a lesson of personal responsibility that will follow them into their adult lives. Picking up after them not only makes more work for you but also can lead you to feel resentment and anger toward those you love.

Get tough. Let your kids know that whatever you find lying on the floor at a predesignated time will go into the garbage. Then stick to your words. Throw out or donate the first thing that gets left out. For younger children tell them that whatever the vacuum cleaner touches either gets vacuumed up or goes into the garbage. Once they see that you mean business, the toys will be picked up as soon as they see the vacuum cleaner come out!

Have rules. Only a few toys at a time. Put things back before they get out more. Be sure they have a place for everything, and then train them to put everything in its place. Restrict toys to one room of the house, or establishing no-toy zones. Cutting down on the clutter will make your home look cleaner.

Make cleaning fun.

Set up a basket ball hoop over their laundry basket.

Play beat the clock. Give the kids each a basket and whoever picks up the most stuff before the timer goes off wins.

Pick up or Pay not as fun but effective. The rule is that everyone must pick up after themselves. If a parent has to pick up something one of the kids left out, that item will be forfeited for one week. To reclaim the item, its owner must pay the penalty of one extra household chore. If anyone chooses not to do the chore, you know that the item isn’t important to him or her, so you can give it away or throw it away without guilt. The lesson of consequences will be learned for sure.


One Response to “Getting kids involved”
  1. Dale says:

    How early can you start teaching kids to help pick up. DD isn’t quite 2 yet but I wonder when I it would be a good time to try helping her understand she needs to pick her things up.

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