Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Power of Prayer

March 1, 2019

Whether you learned to kneel as a child in Church, at your Mother’s side, in or before an altar, or if you’ve never prayed before, now is a good time to start! No matter your personal religion, prayer is often considered a stress relieving act of meditation that can calm body, mind and soul. During our times of economic pressures and stress, prayer can be very beneficial medicine for our aching bodies and stressed immune systems.

According to Dr. Harold Koenig, “Healthy senior citizens who said they rarely or never prayed ran about a 50 percent greater risk of dying.” Not only this, but the authors of the book, Couples Who Pray, have pages of research showing the benefits that prayer can have on your health. Benefits such as leaving the hospital earlier than patients who don’t pray or receive prayer, more than 50 percent increase in health, and in serious cases, survival becomes the greatest benefit of prayer.

“The exact connection is a bit of a mystery, but when we think about health today, we think about mind, body and spirit,” says Dr. Parinda Khatri, Psychologist from Cherokee Health Systems.

Prayer can be done by yourself, as a family, as a married couple, in a church, in your home or out in a field. I personally pray often for my stress levels when grocery shopping, the price of milk these days could use a good prayer! Don’t even get me started about the prayers I’ve said at the gas station.

So to deal with stress that comes with the economy, the election, or even just the daily problems that arise in your home, I say take two prayers and call me in the morning!

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