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I never wanted to be a housewife. I grew wanting to not be like my mother. She was always cooking, cleaning the house, drinking coffee with her girlfriends and to me her life seemed so mundane. I was going to have a big career and 'be somebody.' I went to college, grad school, I was a TV reporter, producer, and I loved every second of it...

But once I gave birth to 'somebody' my entire outlook on life changed. I wanted to be with my baby. I couldn't leave him for 10 hours a day and I was willing to do everything I had to do to be home with him. Times were tough adjusting to losing half our income. So we stayed home and I cooked. It was those days when I had to make one piece of meat turn into four meals that I learned how creative I was, and how easily I could cut back and stretch my budget. I didn't like being broke so I came up with one idea after another to make money from my house. I am still creating projects for myself and I am still lucky to be home with my children.

I didn't like the way I was treated when I traded my briefcase for my diaper bag. I suddenly was 'uninteresting' or that is how many of my 'career girlfriends' made me feel. So I decided to make a statement by writing Happy Housewives. I am here to shout out to all homemakers that it is okay to be home, and if you are going to do it, do it proudly. 

I want women to realize they can accomplish any thing right from their home. They don't have to choose between their education and their baby. Whatever you were doing you can do from your home. I am helping housewives build their own businesses right from their kitchen.

I turned the success of my book into the largest online community for housewives. I created Happy Housewives to help homemakers with everything from budgeting, cooking, parenting, to spicing up the marriage. Every day SAHMS, stay at home moms, from all around the world swap recipes and advice in my forums.

And watching what was being talked about in my forums I realized there was a need for more talk. So, I created podcast which turned into the fastest growing radio show in America. That podcast has turned into my nationally syndicated radio show which airs on more than 100 stations coast to coast.

I am proof that housewives don't lose their brain or their dreams after they give birth. The days of the housewife hag image are over.

Housewives own more than half of all small businesses. We have all of the discretionary spending. We choose which house we will live in, which car we will drive in, which vacation we will go on and which food we put into our shopping carts.

After being on both sides of the fence I can tell you one thing, being a full time mom is the hardest job there is an the most disrespected. There is nothing more important than your family. Running a household, building a future, raising decent people, living a life as a happy housewife is a great gig if you can get it. If you are lucky enough to be home, embrace it.

I look at this opportunity to be home to be the best blessing of my life. I believe it is my job to give my children the best childhood I can. To me that means more than me just being here. Its all about them. I cook dinner at least four nights a week. Providing homemade nutritious meals is something I believe all mothers and fathers need to do. I believe children are eating too much junk these days. Fast paced moms need to slow down. I am all about getting back in the home, spending time together, and bringing the family Together For Mealtime. It's all about creating memories and your children will always remember baking cookies with mom in the kitchen.

I believe the old fashioned lifestyle of yesteryear is being forgotten and I am here to hold on to them and revitalize the good old days, but with a modern twist.

It's great to be busy, but it's important to slow down a bit and live in the moment.

We all want clean homes but I certainly don't want us spending all our time cleaning.

Get on my Ten Step Program, get your life and home on a schedule, and have time for yourself and your family every day.

Life is short and now that I am in my forties I don't want to waste a minute. I want to be the best wife, mother, daughter, citizen, and friend that I can be.

Join me.

love, Darla

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