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Darla Shine’s Happy Housewives Club is the largest online community for women who have chosen to stay home to raise their children.

We average more than 2 million views per month. From healthy living, recipe exchange, to improving parenthood and marriage, women from all around the world share their lives on HHC everyday. With our popular ‘forums,’ on average more than seventy thousand women read and exchange ideas every day. 

Not wanting to bombard our members with ads like every other site, Darla Shine chooses companies who she believes ‘support the housewife agenda’ to be sponsors.  It is our advertising free arena that our members appreciate. When a company does appear on the site, our loyal viewers know that this company must be doing something right.


Unlike any other website, our sponsors have direct access to our members. Through our I Tried It! program our housewives can work for your company directly. If they have a positive experience they will review and write about it in the Forums.

With our Product Pick endorsement, our members see that we approve of your product and actually suggest it. 

The Podcast which is heard on ITunes is the most downloaded ‘housewives’ Podcast. Thousands of women download the Podcast weekly. You will be a guest on the Podcast where Darla Shine will interview you about your product.

Through our Newsletter your product will be presented to our women with ‘Darla Shine’s’ recommendation along with a feature about your company and why HHC members should support it.


Not an ad like every other site, HHC offers you a ‘feature’ article explaining why Darla Shine believes in your product. Our housewives want to hear how your company cares about them.


Darla Shine’s Happy Housewives Club is the tightest group of girlfriends on the internet. When one member loves a movie we all hear about it. The friendship and loyalty among our members is unlike any online community.

Based on the philosophy of the best selling book Happy Housewives, Darla Shine created an online community for traditional, family minded women.


Darla Shine is a all over the place. With a national radio show, a best selling book, and one of the most popular sites on the internet, Darla Shine is the leader of what she calls the ‘housewife movement.’  Darla Shine has been featured on Today, Fox & Friends, ABC Family, dozens of other television shows, hundreds of radio shows, and an endless and constant number of print articles.   


It is the housewife who buys the food, clothes, toys, bottles, diapers, furniture, cleaning products, and it is the woman who controls the household budget. And what are these women looking for? We know because we have polled them.

Darla Shine’s goal to give women the power they need to raise their children. And The Happy Housewives Club is the best place for you to reach these women.

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